a asian person who thinks he is good at counter-stike, but in reall just a vison or a deal of thinkingo so
you are such a phimmy
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
Top Definition
a newb sk shitfuk random
smarter than the average CS player
AIM worse than Kevin when he chokes
by feemeee March 19, 2003
all these tools who like counterstrike and need to get a beatdown, instead of killing fake guys, why not interact with people face to face, fo shizzle my nizzle
you guys are phimmies (because you are the biggest tools EVER)
by cockintheassbecasueCSsucks March 20, 2003
a taller than average asian person with a small penis who thinks he is an exceptional lover "i'm going out with my gf"
Paulno wannabe =)
Fucking phimmy
by Paulno March 18, 2003
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