pointless verbose bloviating

mind and ego masturbation often to a state of ecstatic psyche ejaculation which often splashes onto ignorant passers by who are very often easily impressed by this process due to their own woeful ignorance

a bullshit artist (see standup philosopher)
philosophy is tantamount to fucking yourself in your own ass through meditation and yoga

usually philosphy leads to mass murder on the grandest scale
by sick fucks February 16, 2005
A study of meaningless things for no apparent reason, funded by you... the taxpayer.
you are philosophising again....
by yev June 06, 2003
buncha old geezers scratchin their heads for a long time under trees and getting nowhere. consensus is impossible.
philosophy argument: i think if you blahblah then this is very plausible. no, no, thats not a relevant point, and i think perhaps if you set aside your prior blahblahblah then you will see why i would conjecture this...... oh? that is a very good point that i hadn't considered. well, that confuses things.
by Chris Y T December 15, 2007
1. The love of knowledge. Also associated with argumentation and reasoning. Usually mentioned when talking about the ancient philosophers, such as Plato and Socrates.

2. A typically useless major in college, unless you want to get a Ph.D. in it or go to law school.
I majored in philosophy in college, and now I clean toilets for a living.

P and not P? That is a paradox.
by Smooth B May 05, 2004
What ego-driven people would like to believe is the cause of all the worlds problems.
"Look at that guy burning the philosophy department. His ego must be larger than life."
by Non Existant July 20, 2005
Hey all you fuckin hippies:

Contemplate that!


by Think About It.... May 05, 2005
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