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Philosoph-aw (noun)
A philosophy that considers taking words with common "E" endings and trading them with an "Aw" ending. Par example: the word "biology" (if used in philosoph-aw) will now be pronounced "biologaw". Usually one emphasizes the "aw" ending for dramatic effect.
Paul: So, what class do you have now?
Tom: Well, fourth period, I haz BiologAW.
Paul: Hmm, anyone I know in that class?
Tom: Yesm. Michael, and BrittnAW.
Paul: Dude, what the hell are you doing?
Tom: Dude, it's my new philosoph-aw, look it up on, you whore.
Paul: Oh. Sounds good. Michael's a douche. We'll hangballs later.
by tom-paul June 28, 2008
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