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The biggest test of manhood in the world. 12 days of backpacking in the New Mexico highlands, anywhere from 70-90 miles among 12 thousand foot mountains. Their trademark is big manly 12 inch body armor belt buckles.
Find a big tough guy, and look at his belt. THAT, my friend, is Philmont.
by Macadaciouse July 14, 2004
The largest youth camp in America. The most beautiful place in the world, located in Cimarron, New Mexico. It is known for its training facilities and extraordinary backpacking and cavalcade treks. They have special programs that allow young men and women the chance to hike the entire backcountry and learn new and valuble skills. The most extraordanary of these programs is Rayado, a three week backpacking trip.
Bill: How was your trek at Philmont.
Aaron: Are you joking me, it was amazing! I've never been any place that awesome!
by Amy Archer February 18, 2008
Philmont is a camp run by the Boy Scouts of America in Cimarron, New Mexico. By all accounts, Philmont isn't a typical "summer camp".

For anywhere between one week to two, you spend backpacking (with a fifty pound pack) with your troop up and down treacherous mountains that the average person would break down and cry upon seeing. Switchbacks are so common, that by the end of your stay there, you walk up hills in a switchback fashion, with all of your friends looking at you like you are from some different planet.

Philmont treks have been known to go above 100+ miles, which first time troops are encouraged not to take, because of the level of difficult it is set at (Legendary). In fact, many workers smile when a first time troop picks "Normal" difficulty.

Problems on the trail include dehydration, diarrhea, blisters, broken bones, fist fights over who should do the dishes, bear attacks, leaving somebody up in the bear bag, testicular elephantiasis, thunderstorms, broken water filtration systems, and lost weight.

Mount Baldy, Mount Phillips, and the Tooth of Time are popular obstacles troops overcome easily.
Dude: So yer goin' to Philmont?

Wide-eyed scout: Yessir! It's gonna be awesome!

Dude: It was awesome fer me eggsept I got inta fist fight wit my friend over the dishes.
by cee-em-kay March 16, 2011
1. a large plot of land in the New Mexican rockies where boys become men on treks anywhere from 10 to 21 days long.

2.some people's definitions of hell.
1. scout friend : "dude, i went to Philmont this summer and learned all this great stuff, what did you do?"
Friend of scout: "umm.. wasted my life with video games?"

2. "when you die, you go on an eternal Philmont trek!"
by Trinity1013 July 11, 2009
Philmont is the craziest thing you could ever do...12 or so days out in the rockies of New carry everyhting on your back...
You will never hike as much as you do in Philmont...ever..
by Jon Dur January 05, 2006
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