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The act of killing a conversation when your name is Phil
Phil, you just philled it!
by Jay June 02, 2004
When one does not pick you up or call back when they were suppost to.
Me: Man, Mark never picked me up from the airport I waited for hours!

Friend: HAHA You got PHILLED!!
by fresh1 May 09, 2005
verb: When something has been done very ghetto-ly, rednecked, or nigger rigged.
The new lights on sams truck has been philled.

Bob philled the porch together in 1 hour. It broke later that day.
by S.P.Sherwood August 17, 2009
To have sexual relations with one named Phil. To be filled by someone named Phil.
Did you get Philled last night? Did Phil phil you last night?
by air guitar champion July 10, 2009
When a beach in New Jersey or Delaware is filled with vacationers from the state of Pennsylvania, mostly Philly.
Atlantic City is going to be philled this weekend.
by Clinker January 19, 2008
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