A High School kid who plays soccer... may be involved with ti-calc and cheats on Math Tets... Often times this word can be used to describe sexual toys a "Phil" would play with. May cause abrupt stop in sexual desire... or make you hornay!
Did you see Phildo today! Coach tottaly made him roll around the feild.

Phildo is going to kill corry!

DAAAAAAAMN! Did you see that! Phildo totally fell on his ass!
by phildo shirey February 15, 2005
Top Definition
adj. one who drinks excessively, simultaneously vomits and urinates all over themself, has group sex with men, is a self absorbed asshole, and masturbates excessively to gay porn.
Nick pulled a phildo last night.
He's acting like a phildo
by Hans Beaverman December 12, 2003
when a dude named phil sticks a big black dildo in his ass
I walked in on a phildo the other day and I was like "Duuuuuude, phil, you gotta pull that out of your ass."
by daddy March 09, 2004
A general douchey character that has no negative or positive effect on society. These people go through life fucking up little things and never really adding things to society. You can usually get a Phildo to enter into a stupid bet pretty cheaply.
We paid Phildo $20 to go sit on the park next to a hot bitch where there were 5 open benches. Then we called him on his cell phone and made him act like he was talking to his gay lover.
by lellowyedbetter January 15, 2009
a name sometimes given to a woman's vibrator
Jen was so happy when she arrived home to an empty house so she could use Phildo.
by Tommytool August 31, 2010
1. A person whom acts or participates in a laughable, foolish or bombastic manner.

2. A person who has a sigificant conceptual, behavioral, or intellectual impairment that makes it impossible for them to understand or use even the most rudimentary of electronic devices.

3. Creepy McGee AKA: Creepy McCreeperton
Co-Worker: OMG Did you see what Phildo just did?

Phildo: Whats the biggest Chicken you have ever seen?

Phildo: Whats the blackest M&M you have ever seen?
This list goes on... Feel free to make up your own.

OMG you are such a Phildo!!

Where is my Phildo?

Phildo: MMMMMM CHILI!!!!!!!!!!
by F2theEroX June 12, 2008
A generally dopey,jerkey character from the Philadelphia area.
Saw a couple of jerkey Phildoes walking down the street here
by JoeNJ2 November 18, 2010
A beatiful being that you should hide your daughters from. He the most excellent person that has ever walked the face of the earth.. except for Jesus of course... he is the most understandiong and awesome person you have ever met. He fears noone.. no man at least. No man can defeat him. Beautiful people find themselves attracted to him like a magnet. Only the most worthy beings can find there way to his heart. He is the one only man that can defeat evil without blinking an eye... move over Batman... alfred can't help you with this one. His actual name can not be revealed because there is too much at stake... wherever you are... he will be there... where ever you look.. he is not far behind... wherever you tread he watches you... but you are protected.... BY... THE PHILDO....
Micheal Weston is the "Phildo"
by Obama has no idea... July 28, 2009
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