A place for hobos, the poor, homeless, crack heads, and the home of a city that can't win championships in any major sport especially football.
I don't have any money and need a cheap place to live where I can live in fear of my life regardless of what part of the city i'm in and be surrounded by a population of ignorant, uneducated simpletons. I know I'll move to Philadelphia!
by UltraMegaBadassSuperman March 26, 2011
Of or pertaining to the city that is the thorn on the side of New York City.
"Damnit, the eagles beat the Giants. Now the Giants wont make it to the superbowl"

"What did you expect? They're from Philadelphia."
by Freddie Pants January 12, 2009
a mini africa
john: hey you wanna come down to philadelphia with me?

fred: hell kno i dont wanna go to africa.
by seether931 June 26, 2010
A place where it is always sunny.
Man #1: What city has the most annoying hockey fans and that asswipe Chris Pronger?

Man #2: Philadelphia.
by mahmahmahmah August 20, 2010
This city's got big buildings, I like the food, people talk funny; bye.
Hope you like my postcard, Mom.
by Average tourist March 29, 2005
Where there are more murders than days in the year. Where the people are as friendly as a pack of jackals. Where cultural illiteracy meets a love of guns and scrapple. Philadelphia is a beautiful town of 1.5 million people who are dying to get out, literally. This gorgeous town is surrounded by suburbs full of people who love Philadelphia so much they pretend it is the best place on earth to out of towners and secretly, never, ever go downtown. Philadelphia is the birthplace of freedom - and the place that middle schools obligatorily send students too to learn about a much less violent past such as the revolutionary war. Philadelphia has a rich inventive history, for instance Electricity (Benjamin Franklin) and murdering 14 year old bicyclists (Phil from the southwest- go gangstah! GO!). Ah Philadelphia - smell the cordite, hate, and future depravity! Philadelphia, "America's Next Great City"* (out of order since 1776).
"Philadelphia, I love cheese steaks wit and double murder please"
"Rocky says we're great... what do you mean Rocky isn't real?"
"Recycling... who needs it"
"Welcome to Philadelphia, can I interest you in an order of being shot to death?"
"Philadelphia! America's Next Great City! Right after New York, Chicago, LA, San Franciso, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Oakland, Detroit, Houston, Oklahoma City, Lagos, Baghdad, Beijing, and Scotts base camp in the antarctic"
"Sauron visited Holmesburg and shat his pants"
by MayorStreet January 08, 2008
Haha, fuck man.

Philadelphia could be one of the most underestimated cities out there. It makes 18 on mastercards global cities list, #4 largest economy in the us, and yet a cnn reporter answers this question on air:

Guy: How will this effect the east?
Reporter: Well no doubt this will effect the important cities in the east, Boston, New York, Washington....

It's like the kid in school who wasn't ever taken seriously. Meh, Philadelphia sucks ass anyway.

1 more year when I get my degree, i'm getting the fuck out of that shithole! (philadelphia)

Cnn weather report: Rain will then spread into the big cities of Boston, New York and Dc.
by Ohfuckmylifeisdead February 10, 2009

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