A phenomenal city that is sometimes disrespected by New Yorkers because of its ghettos. What NY fail to realize is that they have ghettos too. Bed-Stuy, Compton, the Bronx, the worlds most known ghettos are in New York. But there is a difference to New York ghettos and Philly ghettos. In NY there are too many people involved in drugs and money so there is no space for friendship among neighbours. In Philly you can leave your front door unlocked for forever and not get robbed, your neighbour will always watch it for you.

Philly is the home of the USA's greatest food: Cheesesteaks, ice water, Rita's, ect.

Philly is where you have to love the Eagles or get a butt-whopping. Philly is where basketball isn't basketball without the former MVP, ankle-breaking Allen Iverson.

NY "Stop judging that you may not be judged; for with the judgment you are judging, you will be judged, and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you. Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye but do not notice the rafter in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Allow me to remove the straw from your eye,’ when look! a rafter is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the rafter from your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to remove the straw from your brother’s eye." Matthew 7:1-5
Philadelphia is home to the worlds best food and sport.
by Naija Babe September 06, 2014
Philadelphia is a very old, historical city (by North American standards) located in the Northeast region of the United States. Ironically, its name means "The City of Brotherly Love," but its residents whose families have occupied the city for generations are so rude and nasty that people were actively fleeing the city for decades, causing massive population loss. According to the recent census, however, the city has gained in population due to both international immigration and migration from the way-too-expensive suburbs. The newly-arrived people are very nice and friendly, yet they have to watch their backs around native Philadelphians.
Have you been to Philadelphia? The townies are really mean!
by ladeeda777 August 20, 2011
Verb: to talk shit about something when it's really actually awesome.
This guy totally Philadelphia-ed my ice cream, but everyone knows Bassetts is the best!
by eagleapex April 12, 2011
1) Place where big things happen, site of the original Continental Congress, and where the Constitution was writen.

2) Awesome cream cheese.
1) "I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

2) I'm making bagels, got any Philadelphia?
by loucks July 05, 2005
A place for hobos, the poor, homeless, crack heads, and the home of a city that can't win championships in any major sport especially football.
I don't have any money and need a cheap place to live where I can live in fear of my life regardless of what part of the city i'm in and be surrounded by a population of ignorant, uneducated simpletons. I know I'll move to Philadelphia!
by UltraMegaBadassSuperman March 26, 2011
A word that is said when a guardian or parent comes into the room. This is said so that any conversations present could be now "g-rated" to adapt to the new person in the room.
Oh what a fine ass that Nicole girl has!

Oh yes definitely! I would just want to stick my-

(parent walks in)


- my report card in her face and show her my awesome grades!
by Andrij December 23, 2010
Overall- a nice, interesting, city with a diverse population of people due to an influx of immigration during the late 1800s to 1950s.

It has:
-a terrible public school district
-a dense, beautiful, forest
-a mainly democratic political sway
-a few very nice Universities
People wise, it has:
-a lot of indie young adults who can't afford to live in New York
-a lot of preppy old money types of nordic ancestry cloistered away in little corners of the sudo-suburbs yet to be de-segregated
-a collection of immigrant communities in Center City and Manayunk

-a lot of ultra-religious preachers screaming oddly specific obscenities in Love Park
-a sadly large body of homeless people
-a thriving network of starving artists, musicians, actors, and architects
-and yes, an unfortunate community of assholes a la It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Person A: I live in Philadelphia.
Person B: Where?
Person A: It's a two hour drive from New York?
Person B: Hmm....
Person A: The liberty bell? Independence hall?
Person B: Nope....
Person A: Cheese steak, Cheese steak for God's sake.
Person B: OH!!1!!1 PHILLAAYYY!!1!
by iamadottedline November 12, 2015
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