Philly is awesome. It's so much cooler than New York. I'd so much rather say I'm from philly than NY because EVERYBODY is from NY, and that's so boring.

-So, where are you from?
-New York.
-Wow, how did I know you were gonna say that.

The sign at the Philadelphia city line with Montgomery County on City Ave:


(and try to forget about our present)
Rocky Balboa lives in Philadelphia.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
The city of brotherly hate not love come to this city and see the chaos of crime fast death jobs are hard to find go to the city might be homeless always not sunny here nasty history of the black slavery times where the quakers use blacks . Main focus in Philly they come after baltimore can cause issues with there respect factors they show no love to you and they stay shallow like all the time so watch your back in this city. Blacks have a deep issue here.
My blacks live in Philadelphia but they make it or stick together the crime rate is bad the black women want a way out of this hell its like a trap here.
by Wisdomgirl January 26, 2016
The original capital of the US and birthplace of the country we know today. Its a Greek word meaning " brotherly love" hense " the city of brotherly love". The people who live here are mostly known for our incredible pride for our city and our inability to keep our opinions to ourselves. Especially if you are talking bad about the city in anyway you can be sure the city is going to talk back. On the other hand if you show your love for Philly, you will have the entire city behind you.
"When in Philadelphia I started yelling E-A-G-L-E-S but before I could get to G everyone around me was saying it with me!"
by JayP_24 June 22, 2014
a city full of narcissistic assholes who tend to rep it in a negative way
girl 1: "north philly's where it's at. if you ain't from north philly, you ain't no true nigga. all da reel niggas from north philly, dog."
girl 2: "you need to kill yourself."
by farts mcdildoes October 31, 2011
The second largest city in the North-eastern United States (behind New York City). Although culturally we are also behind Boston and Washington DC.

Cons: Blight and urban decay. Horrible infrastructure, underdeveloped public transit system. NASTY subways, litter, double parking, raggedy streets. Clean streets at 5am and a mess by noon! Graffiti, public urination... It's as if the City residents say "WE DON'T LIKE NICE THINGS IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!" Too many residents are proud of being ghetto and stupid. People rarely renovate their properties. Our schools were built in the early 20th Century. Ugly downtown, low-class mall (The Gallery) and Chinatown always smells of rotten meat. We have a LOT of dollar stores and abandoned properties in our DOWNTOWN! Our City's population is generally older, poorer, and less educated than other large cities. There are a few pockets that attract young people like Fairmount, Northern Liberties, University City, and Queen Village but they are so small and exclusive that they are vastly overpriced and many of those neighbourhoods are within walking distance of a local GHETTO!

Pros: Crime seems to be steadily declining. We have GREAT hospitals and Universities! The City attracts students from all over who obtain a higher education here but few stay upon graduation. People who succeed often flock to our suburbs where they ostracize the city and be pretentious.
Outsider: Why does Philadelphia have such a negative reputation?

Philadelphian: We have a "Crown Fried Chicken" in our downtown.

Outsider: But I thought "Crown Fried Chicken" was only found in city slums?

Philadelphian: This is Philadelphia, our downtown is a slum, too!
by RazorSharp215 June 24, 2010
Beautiful city in U.S.A.Date of fondation:1682, 1553 population.
Im going to Philadelphia in July.
by GeorgeSavior574 June 12, 2016
The city that Meek Mill let down, also home to arguably the best cheesesteak sandwiches ever.
ex. #1: Merk mill can never show his face in Philadelphia ever again.
ex. #2: You have had a real cheesesteak until you've had one in Philadelphia.
by BigJwhooptywhoop September 18, 2015
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