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A dirty city with five days of nice weather a year. The other 360 (or 361, depending), it's either too cold, too hot, or rainy to do anything. Too big and to disconnected to be worthwhile; the real-life incarnation of urban sprawl. Only decent thing is the cheesesteaks.
by Andrew Fields May 17, 2005
59 146
its really a dirty city, i work in a reform school in western PA and 9/10 of the 700 kids there are from philly.
philly has a long way to go
by loca June 26, 2004
58 155
people who do sick shit to children
nambla are a bunch of sick goddamn Philadelphians
by egadz! November 29, 2004
50 162
74. of Brothers on Drugs. I hate Philly. It's dirty, it smells, the people can't drive, are completely unfriendly, have the most juvinile, obnoxious sports fans, the roadway system sucks, the eagles suck, the flyers suck, the sixers suck, the phillies suck, I suck for having to live here, I'm too depressed to continue. Everyone in Philly should shove a pencil in their eye to try and forget about the pain of having to live there. I've lived here for 2 years and absolutely hate it. If it wasn't for my job, I'd move somewhere that didn't suck like Pittsburgh. At least they have one sports team that doesn't blow.
"Wow, that guy's an a-hole. Yeah, must be from Philadelphia." Or, "Wow, that girl's really a whore. Yeah, she's from Philly."
by I hate Philly August 14, 2006
182 297
Pittsburgh's bitch. Seriously, who really cares about Philadelphia? It's a crummy cesspool on the edge on New Jersey. Nothing against New Jersey, but the proximity of Philadelphia to that state just drags it the hell down.
Philadelphia * cawq = (Philadelphia)^2
Hence, Philadelphia = cawq
by KJJ November 12, 2006
54 176
A city in Pennsylvania that is vastly inferior to New York City in ever conceivable way.
"Philadelphia is not the city of brotherly love; it’s the city of incest. Philadelphia comes from the Greek Philadelphus, a title commonly given to men who married their sisters."

"Philly is not the city. New York is the city."
by Chan Ho September 27, 2005
67 190
Philadelphia is a dump. The people are douchebags and no one in the city knows how to drive a car at all. There is garbage everywhere and ANYWHERE in the city I go I gotta watch my back for fear of getting mugged. There is nothing to do except go to bars and get in fights with the disgusting locals. And all those places above dubya said are originally from New Jersey, Except Yuengling, and Rita's blows anyway. You might as well yat an ice cude died with food coloring. Its a dump like I said.
Philadelphia is a wanna be New York, except with ALOT more black people. Lets move to Jersey.
by Brian March 04, 2004
90 222