i've lived in all parts of the city... Feltonville, olney, Port richmond, university city, frankford, fox chase and parkwood...and im gonna tell you that its all ghetto...all over. no matter if your in the NE or the badlands. Whereever septa runs a bus, youll find a ghetto. Whererver theres an apartment building, a mall, or a project, youll definately find a ghetto. And with the city becoming more and more desolate, jobs moving out, crime growing, economy plummiting, abondoned buildings spreading, the citie's 'badlands' will infest the "white neighborhoods" in no time. 20 years from now, youll all wish you lived in scranton, or reading, or allentown. The way things are going here, centercity wont be a community, it will be a tourist atraction and thats it. people wont live here unless they have no other choice. People who can afford it now are moving out, and thats what will continue to happen until the entire city looks like np or wp
a spreading epidemic
by b.w. March 12, 2004
Philadelphia isn't just a city that lies between the shadows of New York and Washington, it is a city where the shitty Eagles are the topic of dinner conversation year round, I mean its not like they win championships so they got to keep interest up somehow! It is where a meal consists of a of a very fattening cheesesteak (although very good – Geno’s, stand the fuck up), nasty Natty light, soft pretzels that have had rats running all over them all night,
and Tasty Kakes for dessert. Still wonder why the whole city has a weight problem? And if they aren’t fat, they’re niggers. It is also where there is a Wawa on every corner so all the fat bastards don’t have to walk far from there row home and the stupid lazy niggers don’t get lost trying to find one. Most Philly people also look forward to the 1st day of Spring when Rita's gives out free "wooder" ice – once again, benefiting the niggers that don’t wanna work – “welfare don’t pay for no water ice, sheeeiit motherfuckar!”. It is where you know it's a hoagie, not a sub and the shore, not the beach. Most annoyingly, where every black thinks whites are afraid of them, when its OUR CITY – SIGNED THE ITALIANS! And it is ok to say hello to someone you don't know if they are a birds fan, especially when your team has 5 Superbowl wins and numerous NFC Championship appearances whereas the “birds” go to the ship’ and loose once every 20 years *cough* McChoke *cough*. That is Philadelphia, the city of Unbrotherly Fat Lazy Niggers And Scumbags Who Think Their Tough (BFLNASWTTT)... Outsiders will never understand, and LUCKY FOR THEM!
*Walking down South Street in Philadelphia*
Birds fan - Yo, Cowboys suck! hahaha
Me - Yo, when was the last time your team won a superbowl?
Birds Fan - Wha...what?!? Ill kick your ass!
Me - Ok.
Birds Fan - Nah, nevermind, your not worth it faggot
Me - see ya pal!
Birds Fan - fuck you! Im gonna beat you up.......later!
Me - hahahahahahah, lol
by Future Brooklynite June 05, 2007
A dirty city with five days of nice weather a year. The other 360 (or 361, depending), it's either too cold, too hot, or rainy to do anything. Too big and to disconnected to be worthwhile; the real-life incarnation of urban sprawl. Only decent thing is the cheesesteaks.
by Andrew Fields May 17, 2005
its really a dirty city, i work in a reform school in western PA and 9/10 of the 700 kids there are from philly.
philly has a long way to go
by loca June 26, 2004
Philthydelphia...city of Brothers on Drugs. I hate Philly. It's dirty, it smells, the people can't drive, are completely unfriendly, have the most juvinile, obnoxious sports fans, the roadway system sucks, the eagles suck, the flyers suck, the sixers suck, the phillies suck, I suck for having to live here, I'm too depressed to continue. Everyone in Philly should shove a pencil in their eye to try and forget about the pain of having to live there. I've lived here for 2 years and absolutely hate it. If it wasn't for my job, I'd move somewhere that didn't suck like Pittsburgh. At least they have one sports team that doesn't blow.
"Wow, that guy's an a-hole. Yeah, must be from Philadelphia." Or, "Wow, that girl's really a whore. Yeah, she's from Philly."
by I hate Philly August 14, 2006
people who do sick shit to children
nambla are a bunch of sick goddamn Philadelphians
by egadz! November 29, 2004
A city in Pennsylvania that is vastly inferior to New York City in ever conceivable way.
"Philadelphia is not the city of brotherly love; it’s the city of incest. Philadelphia comes from the Greek Philadelphus, a title commonly given to men who married their sisters."

"Philly is not the city. New York is the city."
by Chan Ho September 27, 2005

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