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An incorrectly spelled/pronounced version of "Fiending": the act of wanting something so bad that one acts like a fiend to get it.
"She was fiending (not pheening) for chocolate like a dope fiend fiending (not pheening) for dope."
by TheBoxDrone September 04, 2011
verb: having all of your thought bent on one thing; jonesing
I'm really pheening for some cheeseburgers! or.. I can't wait for a smoke break, I'm so pheening right now!
by Bad Beast December 20, 2007
Usually used when someone has a large amount of Weed or anything else.
Person #1 : Hell yeaah ! We totally gonna spark it!
Person #2 : Yeaah niqqahh ! We pheening !
by asexyasspuertorican August 24, 2011