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A term commonly used to describe a poser and/or noob. Pheanixes are known to excessively copy their friends' actions in an unnecessary fashion. Pheanixes also have the false belief that if they where leather jackets everyday, they might somehow impress a girl way out of their league. They also are undoubtedly the worse spellers in the universe. Pheanixes usually have a bad tendency to make up the worst usernames that are humanly possible. Ex: xXBladeLedgendsXx, Riderz, FlamingGuitar, SuperFlare, Frostbyte, Denumflare44, Starwars33, and where the name came from... Pheanixflare etc. Pheanixes' names usually start with a lower case "d" referring to their small dicks.

Pheanixes have a unavoidable urge to think that everything they do is at least 13.37 times cooler than it actually is. They enjoy ditching their friends in order to seem cool. It never works. Pheanixes also will do anything in their ability to become popular. Note that if the person you are trying to distinguish as a Pheanix is popular, they are NOT a Pheanix. They enjoy activities like: lying about watching porn to gain respect from their friends, wearing trade-mark clothing that their friends enjoy wearing, playing with Pokemon cards, denying the obvious fact that they play with Poekemon cards, singing annoying French songs, buying itunes music from the topcharts list, and showering on a weekly basis.
A Pheanix over hears a popular kid saying he just got a really cool Long board. The Pheanix comes to school the next day with a cheap long board bought the night before along with $200 skate shoes also bought the night before.
by TickleMeElmo14 February 10, 2014
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