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PHD is usually confused by many people as something entirely different. A PHD is when you get a high qualification, a doctorate. It is usually mistaken for standing for 'Pretty Huge Dick'
<Shower room, Cambridge University>
Dr.Ralph: Whoa! Where'd you get your PHD?
Dr. Paedo: It was actually at this University not long ago. A proud acheivement!
Dr Ralph: Ahh, A late bloomer where you? Well I wish mine was as big!
Dr. Paedo: huh? You have one too!
Dr Ralph: Well thanks, but yours is much bigger, its huge!
Dr. Paedo: What are we talking about here?
Dr. Ralph: Your PHD...pretty huge dick?
Dr. Paedo: Oh haha! I'm afraid my poor friend that you have been misinformed. PHD is a qualification such as ours! A doctorate!
Dr. Ralph: Oh I see!!!
by Slow_Hands January 23, 2005
Pretty Huge Dick
Even though I aint finish school I got a PHD, A Pretty Huge Dick
by AC February 07, 2004
The final tier of academic excess.

B.S. = bullshit
M.S. = more shit
Ph.D. = piled higher and deeper.
I know everything! I have a Ph.D.!
by Secret Agent Man September 23, 2003
An acronym for "Doctor of Philosphy"
Hey Ian - I'll be getting my PhD soon
by Charlie Edwards October 05, 2005
Doctor of Philosophy. No, you dont have to be a Philosophy major to receive this! If you break it down, philosophy simply means; Theory of Knoqledge. Therefore receiving a PhD will mean that you are a Doctor of "Theory of Knowledge" in your major. You are an expert and you know all there is to know about what you studied!

P.s; Most of the time, following receiving a PhD, many end up one of the two types of researchers. College Professors, or Lab researchers.
I have a PhD in Computer Science, I am an expert I know everything about Computers!

Woahhh, Jasmine got a PhD in Culinary Arts.. I can't believe she survived 6 whole years in college! <.> Go Jas!
by lakera June 28, 2007
Pretty Huge Dick!
I go my self a P.H.D. fuka
by Mick and Ryan October 10, 2003
Playa hater's degree
Jamal: I got some ass last night at da club
Curtis: nigga please, you aint got nottin' up in da club
Jamal: Don't try an' playa hate on me, im not the one wit the phd
by Koffi January 01, 2006
A nice way of saying:
"I understand/know a lot of complicated bullshit that you couldn't grasp even if it were your dick after 8 hours of hot lesbian porn."

It was once believed PhD was actually French for "Fuck off idiot," but this was actually proved wrong by brain-box PhD holders after years of research.
Some guy: Ugh, I can't solve this 3rd order partial differential equation...

Professor "blah, blah", PhD : I can, thus my mental-dick is bigger than yours. Checkmate.
by LilHizzle October 12, 2011