1. Pretty Hot And TEMPERED
My sister becomes very phat during the time of the month.
by MJ February 06, 2005
Thick,stout, full of ass
Damn shawty is phat as hell!
by Lil Bit 07 May 29, 2005
(P retty H ot A nd T empting...) but really, its your fat...
You're fat! Monnette....
by Whosie whatskie March 20, 2005
a bad counter-strike player
ep^dvn killed fg-phat` with knife
by Kevin February 07, 2005
when something is wicked
these are phat
by Bennett January 16, 2003
Phat: Phat is a word used when something is cool or funny.
That was Phat man!
Totaly Phat!
by faggot March 06, 2005
big butt
wow that girls got a phat butt
by RCUOZ April 26, 2015

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