Pussy, hips, ass, tits
Man that girl is phat

Yea she's got the hole package
by sLick69 August 16, 2005
Pretty High And Tempting
A great looking girl is PHAT
by Paul February 20, 2005
Variant of "phat," meaning cool.
That concert was P-Hat.
by Safran May 07, 2003
cool; trendy
that shirt is phat, yo
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
Describing the quality of dank.
Those nugs are phat, yo!
That's a super phat inside-out double-blown glass bowl, man.
by Chachi420 September 03, 2005
Basically what you would write if you were forced to describe Michael Moore while drunk/high.
"OOh, look at me, I'm Michael Moore, and I am so PHAT!"
by The_Advocate March 17, 2005
1. Pretty Hot And TEMPERED
My sister becomes very phat during the time of the month.
by MJ February 06, 2005

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