Dude, that girl behind the counter is phat!
by stevie72 May 30, 2005
1-man thats a phat game
by dave macloy(steve) August 17, 2003
meaning that sumink is really cool or wicked
those vans are phat or man that car is phat
by bexy666 June 14, 2003
meaning good, wicked, excelent.
You know i got myself a phat car.
by Kunzi May 01, 2003
to be absoluteley stylin' or to be blingin'.
dude, your wheels are phat!!!
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
A more contemporary alternative to the world 'cool'. The word 'phat' is a product of the last decade of youth/street slang.
Check out my phat website.
You are one phat tripper.
by dw March 21, 2003
A woman who is well endowed, (stacked) such as Marilyn Monroe. One who is not of the Twiggy variety. No other woman can stack up against her. A beautiful profile that is well shaped.

The best way to turn a woman's head is to tell her she has a beautiful profile.
— Sacha Guitry
Another way to say what Sacha said is " The best way to turn a woman's head is to tell her she is Phat." oh well
Wow, that is one Phat woman, It is, however, pronounced "fat".
by Ross McConnell August 10, 2006
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