a head garment worn by people with learning disablities to keep them warm
"Oh my, look at jason doesnt he look good in his P-Hat"
by yermawsgotbaws November 10, 2004
Ghetto, alternate spelling for "fat". To me it also means, "Pretty Hot Ass'n'Titties". lol ^_^
"Man I am phat!"
-me, something I say RARELY though 'cause I don't talk ghetto much

"That chick is phat. ^.^ "
-me, something I'd never say to a lady, especially if she is thin or, indeed, fat! o.o
by Dave March 26, 2004
pretty hot and tempting
usually described when your talkin bout a girl
yo foo that bitch is phat
by will r January 01, 2004
a term used for 'cool' and streetsmart people
thats phat man! or stuff like that
by %---{viru$}---% December 16, 2003
Perfect Hips and Tits
She has DA PHAT!!!
by Johnny Laz November 29, 2003
to be baggin have it going everwhere
damn check her phat body
by charle April 18, 2003
Pretty High And Tempting
A great looking girl is PHAT
by Paul February 20, 2005

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