Interesting; cool; in-style; something cool or attractive
Wow, that's a phat iPod skin you have there!
by MiStErMaN802 March 17, 2006
Another word for cool. Often used on the street by youths.
Holy shit! that was fuckin' phat!
by PHAT 32 October 01, 2003
Son, that girl had all PHAT!
by djgemini April 23, 2003
a word that describes something that is krunk
Them j's phat
by krunkness March 10, 2003
Thick bodied, and having a large, voluptuous butt. Also an acronym for "pretty", "hot", "and", "tempting".
All of the girls out Cherry Hill are phat
by Al January 17, 2003
party hat, rare RuneScape item
'omfg i saw this rich n00b with a p hat'
by Paku123 September 05, 2006
Very cool, amazing, or incredible.
"My new ride has got some PHAT new spinners."
by Zuke June 19, 2006
A very cool word which is used by people that are too cool to use other such interjections like sick, nasty, ill, wicked, crazy, insane, kickass, or sweet.
Tristan: that kickflip was wicked...
Topher: no, it was definitely ill.
Iain: it was obviously mint.
Ethan: look guys it is easy to see that that was totally phat
by Phishr May 31, 2005
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