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when a person has both a penis and a vagina.
Nurse: heres your thing.
Mom: Oh! look at its pgina!
Dad: I hope it doesnt make a baby on its own or turn out like Lady Gaga!
by Downsyndrome Donny February 21, 2011
P'gina - puh-j-eye-nah; (n):
-a "p'gina is when a male uses his own penis & scrotum to create the illusion of a vagina, specifically the lips. This is done by tucking the penis between the legs toward the rectum and pulling the scrotum forward to create a region of tissue with 2 hemispheres w/ a vertical opening in between, appearing to be that of a female vagina

- a compound word derived from the words_(1. penis. and

(2. vagina. The prefix 'p' from 'penis' & the suffix 'gina' from 'vagina'
"When I turned back around to see what all the fuss was, and Matt stood there with his pants at his ankles and his cock & balls arranged to look like a vagina! I was horrified by the name he gave it, "P'gina"
by firebeam11 October 07, 2010