Post Fart Relationship. The point in a relationship when one is no embarrassed to fart in the presence of one's lover anymore. It signals a point in a relationship that a measure of romance has died. Does not apply to flatuphiles.
"Man, something small died inside of me last night. Jane cut one right in front of me last night without a word. Were now in a PFR."

"I guess Keith and I have been together for so long that the specialness of our love life is gone. Last night after sex, he rolled over and broke wind without an apology. Were in a PFR now."

"It sucks being in a PFR. I expect he'll start picking his nose in front of me and eating the boogers next."
by Rev. Dr. DKF September 06, 2011
Top Definition
An acronym for the saying "PUNK FUCKIN' ROCK!". The acronym PFR got a lot bigger than the people who thought it up had intended.

Mainstream companies such as: Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL often use the acronym "PFR" to describe things that are "Sub-culture" or "alternative" in nature.

PFR can also be used as an adjective to describe things that are fun, exciting, or just plain stupid.
Punk Rocker #1: "Hey dude, you should set yourself on fire and streak past those girls!"

Punk Rocker #2: "PFR!"
by platypuss June 23, 2006
PFR is an acronym that means Pretty Fucking Ratchet. This word is used when people are describing someone/something as extremely ratchet but don't want others around them to know what they are saying. Therefore they say PFR.
Julianna: that girl is so ratchet!
Shae: IKR! shes a hoe. she'd screw anyone
Sam: shes PFR
Julianna: yeah shes Pretty Fucking Ratchet!
Shae: shhh she's coming!
by Juliannaa September 30, 2012
Acronym for the term Punk F**kin Rock.
Often used sarcastically to insult punk-type people.
That studded jacket and pair of chuck taylors are so P.F.R..
by jammaster jake March 18, 2005
PFR - Paddock field Ryders

a term used to describe the bosses at paddock fields halls of residence in the university of Brightion, UK.

all other definitions of this term are shit and this is the true meaning. #PFR, P's up !!
you don't need no fucking example init, we're just ryders. we fuck shit up. hahahaha

P'S UP !!!!! #PFR
by black Eminem December 21, 2013
Pre-Flop Raise. A Texas Hold'em term in which a players raises before the flop (first 3 cards) are turned over. This is generally frowned upon since it discourages "poorer" players from wanting to risk their hand.
Man 1: All Johnny does to win is the classic PFR and it scares away all other players.

Man 2: Yeah, I hate Johnny.
by Mr.Roboto 69 May 20, 2008
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