A term used to say "pretty fucking funny".
That George Lopez comedy show was pff.
by Brianna J. Martinez February 20, 2009
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Pretty Fat Friend~ the friend of the hot chick that every man has to deal with to get to the girl they want.
Or the not quite hot chick that all super skinny 'I'm fat' girls hang out with to boost their self-esteem.
See definition=You know you know a girl who has at least one pff around her at all times.
by Keebler June 09, 2005
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A term used in admiration of a woman's frame. Abbreviation of 'Pretty Fine Figure'.
Wow check out that chick, she's has such a pff.
by Witch Kia November 05, 2010
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PFF is the locals term for the Pensacola Fishing Forum
Have you visited the PFF?
by --==XtReMiSt==-- November 07, 2009
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A term used to say "Play For Fun"
Jack:"I really dont wanna go out tonight,im not in the mood"
Lois:"Come on....its going to be great...i promise....just pff"
by Labud April 12, 2009
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