1. peasent
2. poor
3. bad
4. unfair
person1:"that guy stole my chair"
person2:"how pez"
by Silent Fire July 19, 2003
he da man, there is no other
i wanna be just like pez
by 952 January 22, 2004
To get decapitated.
"Ron and Nicole got turned into pez dispensers by O.J." or "O.J. Pezzed Ron and Nicole."
by Fernando Najera September 04, 2003
really weak or pathetic.
Rupert tried to hurt me but he was pez and could do shit all.
#weak #small #pathetic #tiny #lack of muscle
by lambinator June 14, 2006
Free period (at school).
Abbreviation of PR
You got a pez now?
by LOL May 22, 2004
Wanted by all the sexy ladies
Run, Pez, run!
by Ayana is cleary Evil July 18, 2003
A term used to describe an individual, situation, item or pretty much anything that is; not worth you're time, pathetic or just flat out rubbish.
Boy: "I really can't be bothered going out tonight, can we just sit in and watch bake off?" Girl: "Stop being Pez!"
"That free kick was Pez."
by Pez Guy October 29, 2015
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