1. peasent
2. poor
3. bad
4. unfair
person1:"that guy stole my chair"
person2:"how pez"
by Silent Fire July 19, 2003
Yiddish word for small penis
Instead of using the commom word schumuck, I called that ass face a pez.
by Jennifart April 16, 2007
The status or degree of spiritual righteousness

A state of being that can only be achieved or replenished through altruistic deeds of peziness. When one possesses a high enough degree of 'pez' the spirit is reborn and one's true pezzy nature is ignited. Those who have been fortunate to witness a born-again pezhead speak of a being who is enlightened and blessed with good nature, forgiveness, and candy.
I can tell that Mindy is experiencing a pezzy rebirth.. her 'pez' is really 'shrooming this year.

Did you see Lance? His pez is through the roof! I swear you can see an aura of pastel colored stripes surrounding his magnificent little head. That's one pezzy motherfucker.
by Keith Avery (art1080) May 04, 2006
he da man, there is no other
i wanna be just like pez
by 952 January 22, 2004
To get decapitated.
"Ron and Nicole got turned into pez dispensers by O.J." or "O.J. Pezzed Ron and Nicole."
by Fernando Najera September 04, 2003
A fish!
not a bloody sweety, but a fish.
not to be confused with pescado which are dead pez to be eaten.
"oh! look at that pez in the aquarium, he's a big fellow"

despite what this dictionary wants you to believe it is actually pronounced "peth"
by Senor Dwenathon March 02, 2003
Good or great.
Bro, that's Pez!
by Anonymous October 23, 2002

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