Peyote is the fruit that grows near or on the base of a cactus, found in the southwesten United States in desert areas. The hallucinogen ingredient found in the peyote fruit is mescaline.
I collected some peyote from that saguaro cacti over there.
by Samuel Clevenger August 29, 2006
Top Definition
its a cactus from the desert of northern mexico and southern usa. Contains mescaline and is highly halucinogenic in the five senses. Has been used for ritual and spiritual purposes for thowsands of years by the Huixol and Taraumara indians of northern mexico as well as by the indians of the arizona desert. The spirit of peyote is very old, he is Don Juan, a wise old man that takes the consumer of peyote into the higher dimention of the world, where he acquires great wisdom and sees the creation of the cosmos through vivid visions. In this, it is very different from magic mushrooms (psylocybes), that are a young spirit, the children of the god(teonacatl), they induce states of euphoria and childlike emocional flashbacks.
Don Juan, el anciano del peyote.
by grishna mukti I March 08, 2006
a mind altering drug that is used in southwestern United states,as an indian ritual.
the main substance in peyote is mescaline which can be syntheticized
by Michael Verdi April 07, 2003
The gift that the Native Americans gave to the world.
Peyote is just as good as shrooms.
by AYB April 07, 2003
Peyote (n.) - A Native American hallucinogenic cactus that makes you trip dick.
The Native Americans take peyote for vision quests, their pathway to Adulthood.
by Kaitlin Parker August 24, 2009
Peyote will send you on a 3 day trip.
holy crap..............that was awesome.
by Yavo November 11, 2003
A prolific girl tagger from the San Fernando valley. Ends her tags with a heart. Begun as E-Rex where a dinosaur was on a slap tag.
Peyote bombed the wall outside my house.
by Ev. May 27, 2009
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