Lancashire dialect.

Petty = Toilet

Petty paper = Toilet roll.

Petties = Toilet block or Public convenience.
Ahm goo'int petty fer a jobby = I'm going to the toilet for a poo.

Whee'erst Petty? = Excuse me, could you direct me to the convenience?
by Wildcat0123 October 24, 2012
an act of being a sandy infested vagina. one, who backs out of most obligations and agreements. also considered a "weakbody", or one who's body falls into the category of weak and/or obscure.
Bob- "Hey buddy! You wanna crunch it?"

Nate- "Sorry bromosexual, I gotta go buy lots of food, and save money, so I can have a nice wedding. And I cant go drinking with yall. I spend to much money."

Bob- "Awwww, dude come on. Don't pull a petty!"

Nate- "psht, psht, psht, psht...."

Bob- "You are such a petty"
by cajunass November 22, 2011
As in petty gibbon, this one of the greatest gibbons ever recorded. Better than etty, tretty, AND betty.

Derived from the concerned mother, Betty Adams, in 2001.
Betty is tretty but Ryan is petty.
by Gibbon January 06, 2004
Petrol, gas.
"Have you got $5 to throw in for petty money."
by Diego September 04, 2003
when you feel bad
I feel a bit petty today
by I love ejay December 03, 2003
A hairy male who has an odd obsession with younger females. He persues them and then cries when they reject him for people their age. Who also makes fun of black people alot.
Hussein was being such a Petty when he started to date my younger sister. He also hurt my feelings for calling me a slang term for blacks.
by Grant Erdoes January 14, 2009

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