Someone that is so insignificant as to be almost unworthy of notice, even despicable. Marked by narrowness of mind, ideas, or views. Deliberately nasty for a foolish or trivial reason.
Florence is so petty she took home all the toilet paper, even the one already on the dispenser, because she was mad that she had no friends, no life, and no clue.
by Regina G. June 20, 2007
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When someone takes a small subject and blows it out of proportion.

At times, making something otherwise insignificant into something bigger to suit their own agenda.
Daisy: Man, that girl is so petty. She can really make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Informed Annie: Oh Jesus, the AFA is boycotting Ford just because they posted ads in gay magazines. How petty!
by Little Lauren June 08, 2005
The act of doing or saying something that has little meaning/significance.

The state of "being" when one does something simply to annoy someone else
"The people in VanBuren 3 called a noise complaint on us."
"That was very petty of them"
by Marquise Ratchet April 27, 2014
Most of humanity and the reason the world is a terrible place to live in now.
John: dang man it seems like can't nothing or noone come together or come up as a society.

Rick: you know why that is right?

John: Why?

Rick: cuz people are petty as hell

John: *facepalm* I hear you
by Ok Jr August 13, 2012
Of little or no importance or consequence
I am using petty in a sentence!
by TheGeneralDefiner January 07, 2015
Lancashire dialect.

Petty = Toilet

Petty paper = Toilet roll.

Petties = Toilet block or Public convenience.
Ahm goo'int petty fer a jobby = I'm going to the toilet for a poo.

Whee'erst Petty? = Excuse me, could you direct me to the convenience?
by Wildcat0123 October 24, 2012
an act of being a sandy infested vagina. one, who backs out of most obligations and agreements. also considered a "weakbody", or one who's body falls into the category of weak and/or obscure.
Bob- "Hey buddy! You wanna crunch it?"

Nate- "Sorry bromosexual, I gotta go buy lots of food, and save money, so I can have a nice wedding. And I cant go drinking with yall. I spend to much money."

Bob- "Awwww, dude come on. Don't pull a petty!"

Nate- "psht, psht, psht, psht...."

Bob- "You are such a petty"
by cajunass November 22, 2011

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