A large drawer / file cabinet where all the animal adoption records are kept.
After johnnys new dog ran away, the shelter had to look in the pet-o-file for the dogs license number.
by SoYeaAnyway February 16, 2007
Top Definition
A word that mentally deficient users have created, because they are unable to spell pedophile.
I'm retarded, so I think "petofile" is a word.
by YCSM June 21, 2007
adjective used to describe a complete douche who goes to a high school prom hoping to penetrate anything and everything in sight with his genitals tattoed in the design of the Florida State University seminole spear
by Captain Insane-0 April 25, 2010
Alternate name for the Peticure - an electric, rotating file for your animal's nails. petophile animal lover
He will never live down calling the Peticure the petofile. We'll make sure of it.
by Ksuz October 31, 2009
A Senior who wears glasses on the top of his head during school and loves freshmen.
Austin Snow
by andyfellovernet October 28, 2003
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