1. An adjective used to describe someone lacking balls, or the ability to come through in the clutch.

2. A general term for those pansy wuss wuss folk

3. A descriptor for a person who fails miserably at a task.

(to be screamed in said person's general direction)

by DBC and RYAN May 03, 2006
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A woman UNDER 5'4 (or 162cm), who is small-framed and, usually skinny.

All thin girls are not petite but, all petite girls aren't necessarily thin either.

(Sometimes men can be referred to as petite when they are the male equivalent of the definition above.)
Example 1: Mary-Kate Olsen is most likely petite from drug binges and malnourishment. Minh Hoa, (who lives in Vietnam) is most likely petite due to her genetics.

Example 2: Ashley is 5'6, wears size eight shoes, and weighs one-hundred pounds. She's definitely very thin but, still not petite.

Example 3: My mother weighs over one-hundred-fifty pounds but, is only 4'11 and a half. She is obese but, she still shops in the petite clothing stores because of her short stature and size five feet.
by unlucky777 December 01, 2006
small and pretty
reina,your one petite one!
by iamjordan October 12, 2008
small in weight
that is a petite girl i can pick her up easily
by ronnie July 28, 2003
A woman that is small in weight, height, or shoe size.
My mother is a very petite woman.
That woman is so petite that i couldn't see her and accidentily hit her with my tractor trailer.

My uncle shops in the petite section.
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
See gorgeous, beautiful and stunning

Generally used to describe someone short in stature who has 'ample' assets.

Such as Ally in Preston.
Instead of Ally in Preston is fit, try.. Ally in Preston is petite!!
by kexy January 14, 2005
very small microscope needed to see
yo did you see brian seebacks penis that shit was mad petite
by durffffffffff May 05, 2007

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