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This was a fad in the 70's. Just a rock on a necklace or in a lil box. Cute but it didn't last.
I had a pet rock 3x but kept losing them! Cute idea. It was all the rage for awhile.
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
A special type of rock or stone, designed to be kept as a pet and cared for.
My rabbit died, so i got a pet rock instead.
by TooBlonde2BeEmo October 20, 2006
In corporate speak, it refers to an management or executive "pet project" that may or my not warrant the current level of attention or investment were it not for their personal support. It may mean that the executive has a personal stake in the success of the pet rock initiative and will not allow the perception of "failure", regardless of its actual merit.
Corporate peon 1: What a worthless project. Why are we still doing that?
Corporate peon 2: That's Mr. Whitmer's pet rock. There's nothing we can do about it.
by Doodie McPoo February 15, 2014
Someone who exhibits no personality or reason for living other than cooking and cuddling.
My girlfriend is such a fuking pet rock!
by Naturalbornhater July 23, 2005
An accountant who likes men
The Pet Rock likes Fabio. No, he reeeeeally likes Fabio.
by josh green January 06, 2005
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