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what a guy calls his penis.
some pet names for genitalia are giant one eyed monster, johnson, mini me, piece of meat, stick, chickmagnet, pecker, woody, my third leg, etc.
by ninjadan March 12, 2006
130 123
you know the girls think of 'em
mutton dagger, old blind bob, hanging johny, fishing rod, tallywhacker, pocket rocket, one-eyed trouser trout, ding dong, ankle spanker, pork sword, engine cranker, hairy hotdog, davey crocket, wang, wazoo, weeny, whacker, pecker, pee-pee, kidney cracker, heat seeking moisture missle, giggle stick, love whistle, tube steak, uncle dick, purple helmet warrior, etc.
by winston churchill August 09, 2003
179 91
unzip your fly, lets the stinkhorn loose
by Dick Shone \'Arry October 18, 2003
36 91