place. Extremely western Australian city that serves as a gateway to the orient and an export hub for kangaroo leather, emu eggs and small trinkets.

Sports fanatics abound. Professional rounders teams, netball enthusiasts, and the famous Clashing Colours can be found on the pitches most Sundays.
Have they got stores in Perth now?

Too right mate! You can buy any trinket you want. It's like Hobart on a Wednesday eveving!
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by Lobsterbeybuoy December 23, 2012
Derogatory nickname for a dimwitted person, mainly used by people living on the East Coast of Australia.
"Why do you call him Perth? His name is Mark"

"Because he's always two hours behind"
#slow #idiot #assclown #doofus #bonehead
by Tightass November 10, 2006
Perth is Australia's redneck capital. Perth is located in the west and because of it's location and hick density is sometimes referred to as "The wild wild west". Perth inhabitants fear change and are suspicious of any newcomers. Perth people generally don't like to leave their small town unless travelling to Bali where they are greeted by other travelling Hicks from Perth.

Individuality in Perth is socially unacceptable. Most Perthians know this and choose to stay in groups called "cliques" and blend in with the wallpaper to avoid ridicule from the general population of hillbillies.
Perth people are highly insecure and constantly make bold generalised statements such as: "Perth is the best city in the world", and "we are world class". When in reality Perth is a horribly boring and backward small hick town.
Perth is a predominantly male dominated township and the males outnumber the females. Coincidently old fashioned values of women being virtuous and pure clash with reality in Perth, where most woman are skanks in search of a wealthy man who can provide everything for them whilst they play the trophy wife.
"We in Perth are world class"
"We in Perth don't believe in Sunday trading, that's family day"
"Keep the foreign scum out of Perth"
"If you don't like it you can leave"
"We're not isolated, we have the internet"
#dumb #cliques #hicks #skanks #brats
by Stu123 July 30, 2012
An isolated Australian city, overpopulated by balding middle-aged business men. Its icon is the Bell Tower, which has yet to make as much money as it cost - simply because it is utterly useless and hideously boring.
The English clearly had the right idea by bringing convicts to Perth - it's agonisingly boring.
#perth #australia #aussie #kangaroo #beach #boring #bell tower
by heeeeelp June 23, 2011
Perth is the best and most iscolated city in Australia. It is the capital city of its largest state. Perth has the best landscape and weather, with great beaches and mostly sunny days.

The people in perth are usually easy going and laid-back, (There are alot of hot guys in perth =)). There seem to be heaps of aboriginals, especially in the balga area. Most of these Aboriginals are druggies, or like to attack people in their spare time, but the rest of the population doesn't really take any notice of them.

People in perth generally spend their spare time at the beach, or shopping. The city is a popular place for gangs of teenagers to go shopping, as is the Galleria(Morely) and Karrinup. In the city there are often gangs of 'emos' that hang around and do nothing.

Overall, perth is a great city. The people are very laid back. Even though they provide more than half the countrys money, and get nothing in return. If your looking for somewhere that has great beaches, great weather, (hot guys!) and awesome people, perth is the place for you!

"Where can i go to for good beaches, good weather, hot guys and cool people?"

#awesome #aboriginals #beaches #australia #laid-back
by blondette_pride December 04, 2007
The state of "Excitement." - or so their slogan says...

Although, anyone who's ever been to Perth for longer than a week would realise the irony in this.
Person 1 : So, how's Perth?

Person 2 : ...Meh.
by Imakoo August 18, 2005
Perth is the capital city of Western Australia
Perth is mostly populated by Japanese students attending the many universities. Good for a short holiday if you like shopping, otherwise its the access to the outdoor activities that attract the outdoor types, activities like sky-diving, rock climbing, abseiling, wind surfing, surfing, kayaking or jet skiing in the swan river and the ocean, there used to be an awesome ferris wheel next to the swan river, but it was removed 2010. Also fishing and paintballing can be done in many places
#paintballing #fishing #shopping #ferris wheel #japanese
by OMGCT January 24, 2011
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