A place in Australia where good bands avoid going to to perform...for some apparent reason which I don't know about.
Random 1: Hey, do you know if Panic! At the Disco are coming to Perth?

Random 1's friend:Probably not; it's Perth for god sake!
by Rainbow Donut Killer April 29, 2012
Perth may be a city in Australia, but it is also a city in Scotland. Not the most exciting place in the world but we live with it :)
hey, whats that city near dundee thats a bit small to be a city?

Youre thinking of perth, man
by miss-smiley-em April 06, 2010
place. Semi-aquatic Australian city of almost mythological beauty. Tall spires arise from the surf's edge and mobile causeways transport tourists past the grist mills and anorak factories to wide white surf beaches calm enough for the kiddies.

Settled largely by Greek farmers rather than transported labourers, Perth became a magnet for muticulturism and sailing regattas as well as an oasis for the non-sporting types.

Iconic buildings such as the South Perth Magistrates Courthouse and the Wallaby enclosure at the Banamara Zoo dot the landscape and attract the bemused stares of visitors.

The America's Cup yacht race was once held near Perth but those heady days of glory are on hiatus just now.

After a long trek across the Western desert it's almost comforting to see the spires of Perth in the distance.

Too right mate. Pass me some kangale from the grubsack
by gnostic 1 December 23, 2012
place. Extremely western Australian city that serves as a gateway to the orient and an export hub for kangaroo leather, emu eggs and small trinkets.

Sports fanatics abound. Professional rounders teams, netball enthusiasts, and the famous Clashing Colours can be found on the pitches most Sundays.
Have they got stores in Perth now?

Too right mate! You can buy any trinket you want. It's like Hobart on a Wednesday eveving!
by Lobsterbeybuoy December 23, 2012
The capital of Western Australia. Claimed to have the best lifestyle in the western world, otherwise known as "summer," "beach" and "bottle shop". Besides that, Perth consists of a lot of freeways cutting through a huge neutron-bombed suburban desert, zero night life, the highest burglary rate in the country, a corrupt police force and government, millions of whining english immigrants, and a lot of ugly concrete buildings.
"Excuse me constable, somebody just stole all my stuff from my hotel room."

"Are you calling me a thief mate? Piss off or we'll fit you up for a murder and a couple of bank robberies."

"Geez, Tony drove to the pine forest and gassed him and his whole family with a hosepipe from the exhaust."

"Yeah well that's what the Perth suburbs can do to you."
by drongoman March 24, 2009
Derogatory nickname for a dimwitted person, mainly used by people living on the East Coast of Australia.
"Why do you call him Perth? His name is Mark"

"Because he's always two hours behind"
by Tightass November 10, 2006
An isolated Australian city, overpopulated by balding middle-aged business men. Its icon is the Bell Tower, which has yet to make as much money as it cost - simply because it is utterly useless and hideously boring.
The English clearly had the right idea by bringing convicts to Perth - it's agonisingly boring.
by heeeeelp June 23, 2011

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