Really fuckin' close.
I was pert' near the gas station when I pert' near hit an old lady walking across the street.

Her nipples were so long, I pert' near got my eye poked out.

Her: How close are you to cumming?

Me: Pert' near!
by Badturns July 13, 2010
Top Definition
pretty near
she was pert near asleep
by lee crawford April 29, 2003
really really really close.
Pert near hit that fellow.
by Anonymous August 28, 2002
Southern slang for the sentence " pretty near finished" with the task at hand.
Hey, you finished unloading that truck yet? Pertnear boss!
by Thomas Mullinax March 19, 2008
If this word is used then you have located a hillbilly redneck.
I'm pert near to pushing that goat through that fence.
by ORMMER November 05, 2010
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