a girl has big boobs
kyle: dang do you see that girl in the pool?
Jacob: Sure do! Personality!
by jjcranston56 January 06, 2014
An excuse many guys use to justify why they're banging a beat, tore up, broke down, ugly girl.
Don: "Hey, I met your new girlfriend at Jenny's house yesterday."
James: "Oh yeah? What'd you think of her."
Don: "Well...um...I'm sure she has a really good personality."
James: "Fuck you."
by Nick D May 03, 2004
Effective way to refer to a woman’s breasts in the presents of female friends or parents, all the while sounding sensitive and caring
I wish you could have met Jessica. She has a great personality!
by Mark Davis LWC February 23, 2006
The ability or aspect of a woman to be sexually responsive to a man and to men in general on an equal level or in an equal manner as men, to be into sex without commitment, to be relatively easy to seduce, the ability of a woman to match a mans sexual needs without complaining, hesitation or requirements, to be no more demanding in a relationship than a man is, to not require gifts or excessive spending to maintain a relationship, to not be "high maintenance" in dealing with a man in a relationship, etc.,. To show respect for men as men and what they want and as a woman act like a "slut" but with pride, dignity and self-respect while not accepting any disrespect.
If you don't want to waste your time, Jen is cool because she has personality. Wendy, she has no personality, I talked to her for a half hour and didn't get anywhere and she wants you to spend a lot of money on her too.
by Dudenotrude August 01, 2011
something that you pretend to have before sex
i paid for dinner so she let me spray my personality on her face
by Gigantic Array of Yetis November 20, 2003
Much like windows was on DOS, a shell/interface that makes interaction
with the animal insticts easier.
Some people claim that it has evolved enough to be considered a standalone operating system of a human being.
Truth be told they're just like linux users, their elitism wants to make them feel better than average Joe.
Just accept the truth, personality doesn't exist, you're just driven by animal insticts.
by asdf666 January 21, 2009
For many, a fantastic means of birth-control and cause of celibacy.
You've got personality.
by Lord Heavyhandz July 05, 2005

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