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personality transplant:

- would be the desired (but impossible) procedure of swapping a person's personality for another personality

Jim: I would so love rearrange that assholic douchbag's face with just one kick or one punch!
Bob: Dude! That wouldn't change the situation. That psychotic douchebag needs a 'personality transplant'.

Jim: I am such a loser!
Bob: That's nothing a 'personality transplant' wouldn't cure.

Jim: I think Jane needs a 'personality transplant'.
Bob: Jane would have to have a personality, first. Jane needs a 'personality install'.
by GlennyJ December 10, 2013
when you want to change fundamentally who you are; similar to cosmetic surgery, but you want change that goes past the surface
"Gahhhhhh!!!!! I'm sick of my life."
"Dude, get a personality transplant."
by cloudsmoker May 10, 2009
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