Has to do with cats. Lions.
That cat looks like a lion. Yeah he's like a persian cat, dude.
by Austin Jones March 14, 2004
persians are the biggest ballers in tha world.they so pimped out. streetballaz. dope az n fine.they got a nice color, they dont hate on no one. persians ryde n die for each other.
they ride on drop tops n chromes.
in there country they got bigg ballin places.like gullestan n saadat abad.PARK HAFEZ N KUCHE 23 places for streetball.iranzamin.
damn who dat brother riddin on spinnerz.that soheil maan he a persian playa.
damn i just got into a fight wit a persian. damn man u dead they gonna cum down n bust ur ass.
A cat with long silky tawny to white hair.
Persian cats can be pricy.
by Saints October 18, 2003
A type of people who are from Iran, which was once part of the great and wealthy Persian Empire. A list of things about them:
1. Own either a Mercedes or BMW
2. Are extremely rich in America, millionaires.
3. Have only two choices for a career: doctor or dentist.
4. Are known for their incredibly delicious food.
5. Have hairy men who wear gold watches and too much Chanel cologne and hair gel.
6. Have hot, exotic women with dark hair and skin, who usually dye their hair blondish.
7. Speak Farsi and cuss a lot, like calling each other dog poop and fucking whores.
8. Hate their government.
9. Have lots of parties and drink and smoke a lot.
10. Parties are probably the best parties anyone would have been to.
11. Are sort of connected with Russians and Italians for their personality and stereotypical habits.
12. Men usually have a NJ or NY accent and wear sunglasses to look cool.
13. Their houses are like dreamhouses, worth more than 5 million dollars.
14. ARE NOT ALL MUSLIM, but the cool ones (listed above) are always Persian JEWS.
15. Have kids who are used to all the parties and wealth, getting lots of friends and popularity.
Jealous Kid 1: Woah dude, look over there, it's that rich girl who's Persian.
Jealous Kid 2: She's so lucky I wish I was just plain American.
by magicstar120 November 27, 2014
1. An ethnic group who form the ethnic majority in the modern-day Islamic Republic of Iran (they make up about 51% of the country's population). They are also found in significant numbers in the UK, India and Gulf States, such as the United Arab Emirates.

2. A language traditionally spoken as a first language by Persians (see definition 1) as well as by Tajiks and the Hazara people of Afghanistan. Also known as Farsi, Parsi and Dari.

3. Before 1935, Iran was known as "Persia". When there was a country called Persia, its adjective was "Persian" and its citizens (regardless of ethnicity) were known as "Persians". Some people still falsely use the word in this way, in relation to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

4. A domestic breed of cat, notable for its long fur.

5. World-renowned rugs and carpets, exported from Iran to the rest of the world.
The Persian Empire, under various guises, existed from 728BCE until 1187CE. For much of its existence, it dominated Central Asia and was hugely influential upon the Islamic World.
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009
A race of people known as the original "Aryans". Persian refers to someone from Persia; or modern day Iran. Located in central Asia, Iran is the only non-Arab, non-semetic country in the middle-east. The country's name was changed during the reign of The Shah, (during WWII) at Hitlers advisement that it was better suited, meaning "Land of the Aryans". Hitler had close ties to Iran and regarded the Shah a close friend and ally. Through his many excavations researching Aryan history and genetics, he had come to learn that the persians (i.e. Iranians) were very much Aryan, and interestingly, a race much similar to the Germans. Since the overthrowing of the shah in 1979, The Persian Gov't. has been under the siege of islamic rule, and its people imprisoned within its religous dictates...
The persian population in vast majority stands divided against an Islamic/Muslim rule, and remain hopeful that the day is near when they can finally close the chapter once and for all on this gray, and oppressive period in their history...
The persian community is strongly opposed to an Islamic/Arab Gov't.
by Roxy88 March 16, 2006
a race in which every person insists their dad was a brain surgeon, general, CEO, or related to the King of Persia, until the 'Revolution'.
Back in Iran, my dad was a brain surgeon/prince/general/CEO/ambassador. Then the revolution happened.

Oh really, how old was your dad during the revolution.

He was 11.

Dude, this persian is smoking too much hashish!
by crazyass1234 June 22, 2009

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