1.cocky sons of a bitches
2.rich only because of their relatives
3.think they are superior to every other race with their mythical "aryan" race (mythical, like a unicorn)
4.crash their "superior" cars with their "superior" driving skills
5.drives worse than hispanics,asians,whites,blacks,etc.
6.HUGE ASS NOSE that is like the Jew Nose(because air is free)
7.most are metrosexual or homosexual
8.like to fascinate about themselves (read the previous definitions and tell me i'm wrong)P.S.No,you Persians cannot respond.
1.Achmed the Persian got stuck at a door due to his GIGANTIC nose.

2.Mohammed Haluknamud Jihad the Persian crashed his camel due to streetracing with his "superior" driving skills.
by AllahSpeaks the Truth November 04, 2006
the hairiest, brownest, sweatiest race of people in history.

they are also extremely cheap, weird looking and are obsessed with trying to be white.
guy: how do you know you're persian?

guy 2: how?

guy: when your sister is hairier than you are.

guy 2: lol, so true... persians..
by weri83 January 09, 2011
persians are not white
they are muslim and we categorize all muslims in the same race, i mean who cares if you think you are white, yer muslim! same difference
- they are hairy, even the girls have hairy ass arms!
-they smell like indians
-the girls are fine tho o man i would do a persian kitty in a heartbeat
-they need nosejobs
-they claim they are ballers but its all about their own insecurity... look at their crummy country. its really rich or really poor.. just like any other third world pos.
-there are some down persians but they cant come close to reppin the sets like white, mexicans, blacks and asians
- mayb in iran they are down... down terrorists!ahaha
that persian in the 2nd hand beamer is a hairy smelly mo fo!
by onthareal May 09, 2005
Person from Iran.One of the only countries in the world that still executes little kids.
Your average Persian thinks of him/her self as the most beautiful people, but in reality they are nothing more than desert monkies.
by asdf March 04, 2005
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