Relating to ancient Persia, or its people.
Used to describe something from Iran.
In America, Iranian Americans usually use the slang term ‘Persian’ to call himself or herself by, instead of Iranian, Iranian American
According to the U.S. government, all Iranians as well as all of the Middle Easterners are classified as white (yes, even Indians), even though they really shouldn’t be. THEY ARE FUCKING TAN, DARK, BROWN, BROWN EYED, AND BROWN HAIRED AND THERE CULTURE IS NOTHING LIKE 'WHITE'. They should be classified as ARYAN/SEMITIC.
Persian is one of the oldest races in the world. Because of this, the ancestors of Iranians are all over the place. It also mainly depends on your religion.
The Persian Muslims and Zoroastrianists are mainly descendants of Indo-Europeans, or the Aryans, and they were white. But look at them, Persian Muslims don't have pale skin anymore (they are tan and brown), they don't have blonde hair anymore (its dark brown and black), and their eyes are brown and black now (not hazel and blue). They are not Arab. They speak Farsi. The Persian Jews, unlike Persian Muslims, are descendents from people all over the place because they are mainly Semitic and not Aryan. They are descendents of the Hebrews from Ancient Israel, and they are very close to the Arabs, but they are not Indo-Europeans. The Persian Jews are not Aryan. They look the same as the Muslims from Iran; they are exactly the same, except of the religions and ancestry. But they are the same. Their skin colors are tan and brown as well. And NO, Persian Jews aren't stereotypically cheap, a lot of Persians are cheap, and a lot of Persians need nose jobs themselves, not just the stereotypical "big-nosed" Jew. Those cheap, big nose stereotypes are for the white Jews. They speak Farsi.
List of Persian ancestry: The Semitics (Jews of Iran) is Arabic (Arabia), Hebrew (Israel), Aramean (Ancient Aram/Syria), Babylonian (Babylon), Carthaginian (Ancient Carthage/Northeastern Tunis), Ethiopian (Ethiopia), and Phoenician (Ancient Phoenicia/Syria and Lebanon).
The Aryans (Muslims and Zoroastrianists of Iran) are Indo-Aryan, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Zoroastrians Indo-European, Indo-Germanic, Indo-Hittite (Around the area of present day Germany). Both types have a little Greek, Roman, and Sub Saharan African blood.
But really, Iran is a really old country so all the people of all religions are mixed.
Over 3000 years, Ancient and modern Persians of all religion and backgrounds mixed.
persian is iranian, no doubt lol
by aguynamedandy September 27, 2005
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A typical Persian in La (generally Beverly Hills) puts in great effort to seem rich but are in debt. Persian women are famous for nose jobs and dye their hair at least once in their life. They hate their body hair and will bitch behind your back. 50% ruin the culture by giving the reputation Ahmadenijad does. The other 50% aren't divorced and all have a life. Young girls usually don't find what they are until they turn 30.The men have hair everywhere except when they hit 30 and have none on top of their heads. They prefer fat girls working at a fast food place just because they are blonde rather than a successful Persian princess.
Persian Woman 1: 50% of Persians are bitches

Stupid Persian Lady with big mouth and ears: If you hate Persians so much, why do you shop here?

by SifeedGorbe((; January 24, 2013
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Persian = An ethinic group (roughly 50% of the population) living in Iran.

Iran = (Literally) land of the Aryans = Persia after 1935

Aryan, literally means an excellent or honorable person;

One of a primitive people supposed to have lived in pre-historic times, in Central Asia, east of the Caspian Sea, and north of the Hindoo Koosh and Paropamisan Mountains, and to have been the stock from which sprang the Hindoo, Persian, Greek, Latin, Celtic, Teutonic, Slavonic, and other races; one of that ethnological division of mankind called also Indo-European or Indo-Germanic.

Indo-Aryan: A member of one of the native races of India of Aryan speech and blood, characterized by tall stature, dolichocephaly (long head), fair complexion with dark hair and eyes, plentiful beard, and narrow and prominent nose.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) (from before WWI)


Notes: Many of the Nazi leaders (Goebbels, Himmler, Speers, Rommel, Goering, Hess, Frank, etc.) were themselves brunettes. On the other hand, many of the Jews that were persecuted were whiter-skinned than many of the Nazi leaders:

"... Nevertheless, such theorists usually accepted that considerable variety of hair and eye colour existed even within the racial categories they recognised. Contrary to a popular myth, the Nazis themselves did not discriminate against Aryans who were not blond or blue-eyed, or had only one of these features. Adolf Hitler and most Nazi officials (not to mention most Germans at the time) had dark hair and were considered to be Aryans."

From en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_race
Persian nowadays refers to an ethnic group (some members of which have been mixed with other groups such as Turks and Arabs) living in Iran. Iranian However, is a name referring to the nationality of all the people living in, or originated from the country.
by Mark Ar. May 01, 2006
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Persians are an ethnic group from Iran. They constitute about 48% of all iranians. Persians are a indo-european group and speak Farsi. Contrary to what people write here, ethnic persians are white, the darkest iranians are azeri turks and are not persians. There are a lot of persians with light eyes and light hair, myself being a green eyed redhead. Not all iranians are persians!! We shall free ourselves from the desert dwelling Mullhas!!
Azeri Turk - Persian Brother!
Persian - Fuck off bitch, you are not my brother, you are not even Persian!
by Persianisnotiranian November 02, 2007
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A race of people from the Middle East that are ashamed of the actual country they come from. They use the term "Persian" because the world generally frowns on "Iranian" or "Iraqi" after 9/11.
Persians generally move to the U.S. while the entire family lives in the same house. They purchase expensive cars and clothes to show how "rich" they are.
Persians are easily spotted by the slick black hair, uni-brow, dark-complexion and INTENSE fragrance of cologne.
Persians may also be dressed in clothes that may look rediculous to one that is not accustomed to Persians, like black shirts with shiny gold images on them, mirror sun glasses and tight jeans with the trademark "artificial worn look" on the front.

Warning: Never try to sell anything to a Persian. Their overly-aggressive haggling will overwhelm a non-Persian. If you must, raise the price by 20% before and let them feel proud of how amazing they are at bargaining when you give them 10% off. They will feel like the Sultan of Persia, you will have made them paid more just for giving you such a hard time.

Iteresting Fact:
Some Persians males will go as far as to say they are "Italian" or "European" just to bang stupid white chicks because their family will never allow the banging of a non-Persian.
I was trying to sell my TV to this Persian guy. It took me 2 hours of his haggling to get me down to $150. I was going to sell it for $125, but when I saw he was Persian, I knew I was in for a ride.
by Ape Creature March 08, 2011
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As in the movie 300, an adjective to describe anything aided with overwhelming odds that somehow finds a way to fail.

The Lakers lost to the Bucks? What persians.
by Cosmosis Jones March 17, 2007
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the hairiest, brownest, sweatiest race of people in history.

they are also extremely cheap, weird looking and are obsessed with trying to be white.
guy: how do you know you're persian?

guy 2: how?

guy: when your sister is hairier than you are.

guy 2: lol, so true... persians..
by weri83 January 09, 2011
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