A typical Persian in La (generally Beverly Hills) puts in great effort to seem rich but are in debt. Persian women are famous for nose jobs and dye their hair at least once in their life. They hate their body hair and will bitch behind your back. 50% ruin the culture by giving the reputation Ahmadenijad does. The other 50% aren't divorced and all have a life. Young girls usually don't find what they are until they turn 30.The men have hair everywhere except when they hit 30 and have none on top of their heads. They prefer fat girls working at a fast food place just because they are blonde rather than a successful Persian princess.
Persian Woman 1: 50% of Persians are bitches

Stupid Persian Lady with big mouth and ears: If you hate Persians so much, why do you shop here?

by SifeedGorbe((; January 24, 2013
Unfortunately Persians as well as everyone else from the the middle east are now the "next" black people. all people are now using deragetory words against persians and middle easterners.
towel head

sand nigger sand nigga sand-nigger sand-nigga sandnigger sandnigga

dune coon

dot head

camel jockey

those are just some racial insults against middle easterners, indians, and persians
by aguynamedandy September 24, 2005
Mostly Muslim immigrants (although some of them are Christians, Jews, and Bahais) from Iran and their kids living in wealthy parts of Southern California such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood and Sherman Oaks, they generally have materialistic values and an ugly sounding language but they don't really bother anyone for the most part, they're one of the wealthiest immigrant groups in the USA along with the Cubans. The California Persians have a very similar attitude and political orientation to the Florida Cubans. Due to Iran having such a nasty government and being so hated in the USA they regard themselves as Persians not Iranians
"I'm a Persian, not an Iranian"
by Rattus cattus July 04, 2006
People, who have the best life-style, (sitting on hand-crafted rugs, sipping tea and eating bread and cheese)

Also many are extremly rich, basically owning half of the united states, and controlling the Royal Family of England.
Damn look at that house, must be owned by a persian. Oh my god this whole place is Persian.
by Johnny John John June 07, 2003
Persian: a person having racial or ethnic origins from modern day Iran, country in the middle east.
Persians usually are dark skinned with black hair, and dark eyes.
One of their better known kings was Darius (Daryoosh, Darush), another was Cyrus (Koroush, Kourosh)
Persian people are often racially attacked through slurs. Some slurs known to be hurled at Persian or Iranians are:
camel jockey, sand-nigger, dune coon, darky, rag-head, towel-head, Ayatollah, camel-fucker.

Persian people are strong enough in character to withstand such racial slurs.
by BillyBobJonesJackson October 02, 2010
A person with ancestery from modern day Iran, but contemptuous of the current regime. Most persians live in Great Neck, New York or Beverly Hills, California. They tend to be wealthy and live in large homes with very little furniture. Flashy watches and cars are requirements for all persian men. As a general rule, they are very loyal to other persians and equally sneaky when dealing with non-persians.
Is Matt retarded? He's actually considering going into business with that persian guy and his father.
by SquareMike Jewpants October 26, 2004
Straight Ballers, nothing less. Only race that can floss before they even show up at a party. Show Off's, Big Spenders
Are you persian? no. Well u want some persian in you? YES. works everytime with the ladies
by Millad December 09, 2003
people that hark from the country of Iran.

their men are often very hairy.

they often feel alienated because their country is surrounded by arabs, and their country is being run like an arab country, and when they leave their country, they are often mistaken for arabs. when the fact of the matter is that persians hate arabs probably more than any other race on the face of the planet.
non-persian: "Yo, take off your sweater, man, aren't you hot?"
persian: "i'm not wearing a sweater..."
non-persian: "what a persian you are"
by Ingrid Bertlebee August 22, 2003

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