A typical Persian in La (generally Beverly Hills) puts in great effort to seem rich but are in debt. Persian women are famous for nose jobs and dye their hair at least once in their life. They hate their body hair and will bitch behind your back. 50% ruin the culture by giving the reputation Ahmadenijad does. The other 50% aren't divorced and all have a life. Young girls usually don't find what they are until they turn 30.The men have hair everywhere except when they hit 30 and have none on top of their heads. They prefer fat girls working at a fast food place just because they are blonde rather than a successful Persian princess.
Persian Woman 1: 50% of Persians are bitches

Stupid Persian Lady with big mouth and ears: If you hate Persians so much, why do you shop here?

by SifeedGorbe((; January 24, 2013
The delicate and delightful art of taking a shit and getting directly into the shower. This promotes the the maximum level of cleanliness and increases the enjoyment of taking shits exponentially.

The term derives from the fact that Persians have extremely hair ass-holes and it is well known that simply wiping after a shit will in no way clean the ass-hole to a reasonable level. Therefore they are forced to shower after their shits to ensure cleanliness.
Dude, just did a Persian, it was fucking orgasmic.
by Mr. Vice President July 07, 2011
A hairy, sometimes intelligent person with an innate capability of finding bargains. There exist two types: those with money and those without money; and, each type can be recognized by the year of their mercedes or bmw--those with a car older than 10 years have little money, and those with a newer model are fairly well off. They may also be characterized by their religious impiety, and like Jews, constantly break the laws and moral dogma of the Koran by partying, drinking, having sex, and, most shamefully, dating.
--That car has four BMWs in the driveway!
--I know, they're Persian.


--Jesus, that man has so much chest hair!
--I know, he's Persian.
by Reza April 01, 2005
An oval-shaped cinnamon bunwhich is topped with a sweet flavoured icing (strawberries, raspberries or blueberries).
The persian is unique to Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, the only place where they are known to be baked.
'The Persian Man' in Thunder Bay is one of the more popular local establishments from which to buy one of these tasty persian treats.
by Chocolate Wayne October 07, 2007
Culturally superior
Ancestors of Europeans (The Persian language is an Indo-european language that branched off from the same language as some Europes today)
Arian (Iran comes from Arian)
A Persian has or will beat you in a sport, a test, university entrance, and the job market.
From Pars tribe
Persians are the most successful minority group in the US:
"According to the 2002 census, Iranian-Americans are the most educated minority group in the US: 69% hold bachelor degrees or above and 28% hold graduate degrees. Iranian-Americans are the founders of some 380 major national firms, and CEOs of more than 550 national companies, many of them among the Fortune 2,000 companies. Our total contribution to the US economy is estimated at more than $600 billion."
by Maryam January 15, 2004
A nicer way to say Iranian. Used by those who are afraid of what others might think of their culture. It would be like a Syrian calling him/herself Phoenician or someone from the Czech Republic referring to their country as Czechoslovakia.
1) Even though I am or my family is from Iran, a middle-eastern country, I'm going to hide my heritage by calling myself the less offensive and more exotic-sounding name of a dead empire that once controlled my present-day country. That way, ignorant, narrow-minded, uneducated fools won't judge me with bias and I can blend in with society. I'll let them hate on the Middle-Easterns that are proud of their countries instead.

2) You're Iranian, not Persian...unless you were born there before 1935...get over it...
by DeezNutzzzz November 03, 2008
A more pure form of heroin from Southwest Asia. It has a more severe withdrawal symptoms to normal heroin.
"King's got some Persian but no needles..."

Nikki Sixx - Heroin Diaries
by Infuscos July 21, 2008

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