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A typical Persian in La (generally Beverly Hills) puts in great effort to seem rich but are in debt. Persian women are famous for nose jobs and dye their hair at least once in their life. They hate their body hair and will bitch behind your back. 50% ruin the culture by giving the reputation Ahmadenijad does. The other 50% aren't divorced and all have a life. Young girls usually don't find what they are until they turn 30.The men have hair everywhere except when they hit 30 and have none on top of their heads. They prefer fat girls working at a fast food place just because they are blonde rather than a successful Persian princess.
Persian Woman 1: 50% of Persians are bitches

Stupid Persian Lady with big mouth and ears: If you hate Persians so much, why do you shop here?

by SifeedGorbe((; January 24, 2013
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SUPERIOR. Looking back at history, it is obvious to every single Persian man out there that they are superior. they find it illogical that anyone should contest their superiority on earth. They will say look back at history,and look at the Persian empires, look at Cyrus the great, Darius, Persepolis, and so on and so forth. Then they will also claim that if one investigates closer, you will see superior mathematics , physics and even Morals. They would explain how their leaders, like Cyrus were so humble they did not want any special recognition on their graves, siting they would like to be buried with the people. The american constitution is bases on the work of Cyrus, his CYRUSOPEDIA, and therefore any Persian will state that the American constitution is simply an extention of the persian empire that Cyrus built. Therefore, persians make the conclusion that all Persians are Superior. WOuldn't you agree, though..simply look at all the great poets like Hafiz and Rumi, and incredible feats, like the road the extends from Turkey to Persepolis, Isn't it a little insane to question that Persians are superior.
how did you get 100 on your test.
A: Cause i'm Persian

Wow, The Shawshank Redemption was an incredible movie, it was really Persian
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Alright first off, I come from the city of Hamadan in Iran. I speak the Persian language (Farsi). That does not make me a Persian. Persians are a sub-species of the Indo-Iranian Aryan tribes who migrated from South Russia and Central Asia to parts of Iran, Afghanistan and India. There were people already living in Iran like the Elamites. Some Iranian tribes settled in the South of Iran. Some of these tribes were known as the Persians. Some tribes settled in the North. Some of these tribes were known as the Medes. Persia conquered the Median Empire. Then they conquered a huge amount of land. This empire was known as the Persian Empire. I am dam proud of coming from such a Culture rich country as Iran. Just cause I come from Iran dosen't make me a Persian. I have most likely Persian blood in me, and Medean as well, Kurdish, Elami blood and many others. Most people in Iran are descended from all the Aryan (Iranian) tribes who settled in Iran.

In Iran, the people there are generally nice, hospitallous and smart. They have not lost their ways. They still keep their country's culture close to them and have not forgotten stories of the Shahnameh. In America (or other countries where Iranians generally immigrate) the Iranians there refer to themselves as 'Persian' though they have no meaning of what it is. They are mostly hospitallous, but the young Iranians there have lost their ways and are sliding into American culture and are creating a stereotype for themselves there. They will not remember the story of Arash the Archer if we said it to them! So lost are they. Instead of being wise and kind like most Iranians, they affiliate themselves with gangbangers and hookers and the like. The women also dye their blonde, hiding their natural dark hair. I am not saying that all Iranian Immigrants are like this. It's just some Individuals.
Man1: Dorood bar shoma dostam. Halee shoma khobe?
Translantion: Hello friend. How are you?
Man2: Khobam Moshakaram.
Translation: Im good thanks.
Man1: Dari az chi fekhr mikonad?
Translation: What are you thinking of?
Man2: Daram az ghese-e-Arash e Kamangir fekr mikonad. Che ghese!
Translation: I am thinking of the tale of Arash the Archer. What a tale!
Man1: Vakhan.
Translation: Indeed.

Iranian-American: Hello Farhad! Chetoori brother?
Translation: Hello Farhad! How are you brother?
Farhad: Dorood Bar Shoma. Man khoshalam, mochakeram Vahid.
Translation: Good day to you. I am happy, thank you Vahid.
Vahid: Chera to happy hasti?
Translation: Why are you happy?
Farhad: Chon ke man ghese ye Fereydun o shenidam.
Translation: Because I have heard the story of Fereydun.
Vahid: Fereydun kodom foole dige?
Translation: Which fool is Fereydun?
Farhad: Fereydun yegdone Irani gavi bod.
Translation: Fereydun was a great Iranian hero.
Vahid: Huh?
Farhad: Badbakhd. Hichi az Pars ke nemidoni ama be khodet migi Parsi?

Translation: Poor fellow. You know nothing about Persia, yet you call yourself a Persian?
Vahid: Huh?
by Dorood Bar Shoma July 06, 2006
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The tightest people on earth....they kick ass in soccer...and smoke weed while doing it...were rich n hott....persians are the shit...big tities and round asses...

persian 4 life
Dude 1 "Dude, i need a hott girl"
Dude 2 "Dude, get a persians...their hott n rich n hott"
Dude 1 "yee"
by Persian hastam digeh August 19, 2006
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people who are very modest...
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I am Iranian-American and NOT "Persian"... such as a rug. I have read every single one of these pathetic definitions that are saturated with stereotypes. What is the most disturbing is that they were written by fellow Iranian-Americans who exibited their ignorance very blatantly. Its sad to see fellow "Persians" contribute to the very stereotypes that suppress us...
I am IRANIAN-AMERICAN and my family has a PERSIAN rug.... get it?
by L.D. September 15, 2004
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persians are the biggest ballers in tha world.they so pimped out. streetballaz. dope az n fine.they got a nice color, they dont hate on no one. persians ryde n die for each other.
they ride on drop tops n chromes.
in there country they got bigg ballin places.like gullestan n saadat abad.PARK HAFEZ N KUCHE 23 places for streetball.iranzamin.
damn who dat brother riddin on spinnerz.that soheil maan he a persian playa.
damn i just got into a fight wit a persian. damn man u dead they gonna cum down n bust ur ass.
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Iranian language and people who are from Iran call themselves Persian. No it is not prince of Persia come on now -.-
Girl: hey what are you?
Boy: Persian
by somegirl123 July 07, 2013
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