A typical Persian in La (generally Beverly Hills) puts in great effort to seem rich but are in debt. Persian women are famous for nose jobs and dye their hair at least once in their life. They hate their body hair and will bitch behind your back. 50% ruin the culture by giving the reputation Ahmadenijad does. The other 50% aren't divorced and all have a life. Young girls usually don't find what they are until they turn 30.The men have hair everywhere except when they hit 30 and have none on top of their heads. They prefer fat girls working at a fast food place just because they are blonde rather than a successful Persian princess.
Persian Woman 1: 50% of Persians are bitches

Stupid Persian Lady with big mouth and ears: If you hate Persians so much, why do you shop here?

by SifeedGorbe((; January 24, 2013
Persian doesn't just refer to people from Iran, it refers to anyone who was a part of the great Persian Empire. All that is left of the empire nowadays is Iran, that is why people from Iran are mostly referred to as Persians.

Persians are not white. I don't think half the people who are defining "Persian" here have ever seen a Persian before in their life. Persians' skin colors range from olive to brown and their hair is brown and black. Eyes are usually brown or black, but hazel is common too. The notion that Persians have white skin and blue eyes stems from the Nazis trying to link themselves to Aryans (who were originally Iranian). However, Germans are not Aryan in any way. The Nazis were stupid, what can I say?
Persians are beautiful people with a beautiful culture.
by afshin January 09, 2006
to sum it all up-
persians come from Persia aka Iran (ee-ran not i-ran). the chicks r amazingly hot. they r rich and smart. dress in mostly black. and have longass eyelashes. they almost always drive a mercedes or bmw. and always have a gold or silver chain necklace on. they r probably the most modest people in the world... BIG STATUS PIMPS
another way of thinkin about it... italian looks, greek family
by TheGodFather November 07, 2004
A person who comes from the country Iran and: 1) Has tan skin, 2) Hairy (men) or exceptionally hot (women), 3) Has a BMW or a Mercedes, 4) Shiite Muslim (for the most part), 5) Tell some people that they are Italian, 6) Drinks more tea than needed.
"Muhammad Reza is a persian guy who won the hairy chest contest."
by Laurence of Arabia January 09, 2006
One of the most successful and awesome races on the planet.

Although some Persian people love plastic surgery and showing off their tacky Chanel bags, a large majority of Persian people have naturally beautiful features and bodies and are very modest, hardworking people.

Persian people are obsessed with cleanliness. Their homes are so clean you can eat off their floors, usually accented by Persian rugs and expensive European paintings. They place a huge emphasis on looking and smelling good, which is why so many of them buy expensive perfumes and(authentic) designer clothes.

Their spending habits can be somewhat ridiculous. A lot of Persians buy their children expensive German cars without much thought and live in expensive houses.

Persian people raise their children to work hard and get good grades. They are such perfectionists that a large majority of them become sucessful doctors, businessmen, and entrepeneurs.

Persian men can be extremely hot-tempered, so watch who you mess with. A Persian father is the epitome of masculinity. They may be strict, have a short fuse, and throw one too many vases at the wall, but they live for their children.

Persian women are extremely beautiful and have huge hearts. A Persian mother will always welcome a stranger into her house, and encourage them to eat until they can't walk anymore. They are very kind and giving people.

Persian people love soccer, tea ("chayee"), having huge parties at their houses, and getting into a good argument. They can be extremely dramatic and love making life into a soap opera, but it's part of their charm.

Although they are frequently categorized as a "brown" race, they have Aryan blood and are considered "white".

Their race has been tainted by the media, the tragedy of 9/11, and their country's horrible government, which ALL Persian people hate for ruining their beautiful country. Ever wonder why Persians don't call themselves "Iranians"? It's because they don't like to be affiliated with the Iranian government that ruined their country (and their reputations all over the world).

Persians are intelligent, beautiful, and successful people. Stop judging them so harshly and get to know them. You just might find find a friend for life if you do.
Joe: Duuude! I can't believe your dad just bought Bahar a BMW Z4 for her birthday! You Persians are CRAZY!
Afshin: Well, she got straight A's, man.
Joe: Ha, you Persians are such overachievers.
by Persian Pride! September 11, 2008
Just a group of people, just like everyone else.
I have a friend who is persian, so all you mother fuckers who want to bash them can fucking go to hell!
by TallicaD00dX May 03, 2005
They are cool,friendly,good looking
persians love their country but not their governement.
They speak farsi!

US-Iranians dont know how to speak real farsi:
Kambiz: In kosse cheghad good lookinge
Jamshid: Shit, rast migi. Kheili hotte bitche!
by Jashari January 10, 2004
Persians are an ethnic group from the country of Iran, they are the direct descendents of ancient Indo-Iranians (Aryans), who arrived in parts of Greater Iran circa 2000-1500 BCE and constitute the largest ethnic group in Iran and one the oldest.

Persians have played a crucial part in the history of Iran and their cultural achievement and language (Farsi) constitutes the basis of Iranian society. Persians and ancient Medes(modern Kurds)established the first Iranian state.

Persians lend their name to the Persian Empire (Achamenid Empire) which at the height of its power encompassed approximately 7.5 million square kilometres and became the largest empire of the ancient world.

The Persian Gulf in the Southwest Asian region located between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula is also named after the Persian people.

Real Persians hail from Iran only, other ethnic group native to other countries sometimes wrongfully claim to be Persian because they speak various dialects of the Persian language.
Excuse me miss, what is your nationality?

I'm Persian and we are called Persians!
by Ben234 June 12, 2009
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