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The actual definition can be described as follows: To be responsible for; to commit.
But the term "perpetratin'" or "to perpetrate" has come to mean something along the lines of faking, pretending, feigning, however you want to put it.
"Look at him, he's perpetratin' the game."
"I don't hate, and I don't perpetrate either."
"I picked up the car phone to perpetrate like I was talking" - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Parents Just Don't Understand
"Tru dat" - Vanilla Ice. (he is Perpetrating)
by Reneeeeeeeeeeee August 03, 2006
To wear two different labels of athletic aparrel at the same time.
Look at that fool wearing an Adidas sweat suit and Nike kicks...why is he perpetratin'?
by Ty January 05, 2005
To get all up in somones grill.
Joel What the fuck stop perpetratin' or i'll have to beat yo ass!
by Tony-o May 30, 2005
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