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The physical and mental state sometimes aquired by someone who consistently smokes, or used to smoke, a lot of weed. Typically characterized by the feeling and appearance of being stoned even when one is still technically sober.

See: Tommy Chong. The guy who works at your local smoke shop. Any stoner with a seemingly permanent smile and lazy eyes.
"Man, my dad hasn't smoked in years, but you can tell he's permastoned from his days on the commune".
by so stoked April 07, 2005
The condition of being permanently stoned from smoking marijuana constantly. Those with this condition are often accused of being stoned even given the rare instance when they are sober.
Aaron hits the weed at least four times a day. The kid's perma-stoned.

I can never tell when he's stoned or not. He smokes so much it's like he's perma-stoned.
by pjsiqhh March 05, 2006
someone who has smoked so much weed that they are in a permanent state of high.
Kristy, "Did you get cookie dough at the store?"
Anna, "Ya know i meant to..but...i.. hey are their any brownies left cause..."
Kristy, "Shit dude are you baked or just permastoned?"
by dirty-pirate-hooker July 11, 2008
The state of which an individual is not fully under the influence of marijuana, but is still feeling long lasting effects from the high. In this state, one is fully functional but does not feel normal and active. Being permastoned usually lasts until rest is acuired.
After that turn I was permastoned for the rest of the day.
by permastoner January 31, 2010

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