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The action of being constantly high (permanent-high)
Man this dudes fucked up he's a Permahigh mothafucka
by Hubert Girard May 07, 2007
Chill Slayers commentating, "Dood, I think I'm perpetually high."
Dood1: "Whats up Chill?"
Chill: "Dood, I think I'm permahigh high, bro."
by DirtNastyOG November 17, 2010
when some one has smoked so much marijuana that they have wrinkles around their eyes from their eyes being set back alot. this makes them always look high, or permanantly high
(guy 1 takes off sunglasses)
guy 2: dood, are you high right now?
guy 1: no
guy 2: oh, i guess iv never seen you without sunglasses
guy 1: ya, iv got permahigh
by ford408 May 25, 2009

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