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what crabs (pubic lice) are called when the take the happy trail and reach the belly button
"dude my belly buttons mad ichy i think i got periwinkles"
by mike scizzannell November 02, 2007
4 4
1. Any of several small, often edible marine snails, having thick, cone-shaped, whorled shells.

2. A pale purplish-blue color.
1. One of my friends has a head shaped like a periwinkle.

2. His face turned a light shade of periwinkle as he choked on the plastic lobster.
by Bastardized Bottomburp December 05, 2003
80 53
When a man cums all over your face while throwing confetti in the air and yelling "periwinkle!" during the whole process the man is wearing a sombrero and galoshes and is eating a quiche.
Hoe1- omg he totally periwinkled me last night

Hoe2- omg omg omg totes no way that is soooo disgusting
by rewster toilinator October 12, 2011
57 46
small shellfish common around the worms head, gower, wales and scarlily found attractive by some female biology students.

Contact can result in dangerous preoccupation with members of the periwinkle family.

Also see: Sophie Layen
by wheeler June 07, 2003
15 21
A total boss, and Chuck Norris' son
Perwinkle loves mac and cheese.

Periwinkle has great hair.

Periwinkle can go a jigsaw puzzle in a library in Brazil.

"Periwinkle, Periwinkle, I love you! yes I do!!!"
by La' Nava and crazy girl August 21, 2011
11 20
When you're wiping your posterior after having a bowel movement and your finger goes through the toilet paper and touches your anus.
Dude, this TP is so cheap I just got periwinkled!
by w00dg0blin August 10, 2010
17 27
Code for "that's what she said" when you're in mixed or polite company.
Girl: I don't get this at's so HARD!
Guy: Periwinkle.
by El Krampo7 March 10, 2011
6 18