Period Pants were invented at the turn of the century as more and more women demanded to be let out of the house while their vaginas were bleeding profusely. In 1896, the United States Congress passed the "Period Pants Law", which allowed women to enter public buildings, so long as they wore designated "period pants" so that everyone knew these whores were out fucking around when they should be at home bleeding into their underwear and girdles.
"Did you hear that John accidentaly wore Mary's Period Pants to church last week? Everyone is talking about it!"
by DNFles September 25, 2009
Top Definition
pants females save for wearing when they have their period.....not white or any other light colour, in case they have a leak (which they will)
My sisters each keep a drawer full of period pants, dark underwear and black and brown slacks
by Jake February 28, 2004
The comfy, loose, beltless, and usually soft pants a woman saves for her "time of the month."
Usually not jeans.
Everyone knows when Susie is on her period.. She has those Period Pants.
by hiimbing June 07, 2010
pants that the school nurse makes you where if you have period'd in your pants at school. These are usually dirty 80's white wash jeans with pleating and found in your schools lost and found box.
oh no i went period in my pants! better go see the school nurse and get some period pants.
by meoby January 12, 2010
When a male or female is bein a bitch and actin like they is on they rag and need a tampon.
hey, ya 'ol period pants, quit bein a bitch!

man, she actin like such a fuckin period pants.
by rachel November 24, 2003
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