This term is usually used to show the termination of one thing. Often used as a way of showing that you are 100% sure of what ever you are saying.
I'm the best, period.
by TaeDizzle November 27, 2010
The action of a female having their period on any object or substance other than a tampon or pad.
A practice largely popularized from the movie 'Superbad'.
Dude, she just perio'd on your leg!
by benefitofadoubt February 27, 2011
Hell designed specifically for women to give them pain and punishment. Something that seems exciting when your 12 but when you actually get it you hate it.
Hannah was moaning in pain so Allie said whats wrong hannah" and Hannah said 'I got my period"
by Emma_The_Sexy_Bitch March 07, 2013
The period refers to the timepoint in which all reality stops and begins to revolve around a woman's vulva. This is a point in time, where holy lambs gallop ferociously while fire attacks their soft, flammable wool. Where unborn fetuses scream and beg comprehensively for another chance and even the most unholy of satanic worshippers lay down to die as fiery planets soar across the sky. Red rivers of fresh, meaty blood , this is where uncreated child dreams commit suicide and serial killers boil their corrupted minds in a large black pot, over intense, searing flames of hate, pain, and aggression.
by Herbyshire May 05, 2013
Where blood exits from the woman's vagina. Usually because the egg got stood up by the sperm, which causes the lining of the uterus to shed, causing blood to leave through the vagina.

WARNING'S FOR GUYS: If a girl is on or about to be on her period, stay the FUCK away from her. I don't give a shit if you're married/dating her, stay AWAY! Don't joke/laugh about it or you'll have a black eye and a swollen dick.

Have a nice day. xD

SYMPTOMS: Fatigue, bloating, cramps, increase in hunger, increase in sleep, brown or heavy discharge(Brown discharge is dried up blood.), bitchy, mood swings, pimples, and breasts start to grow more.

SIGNS OF A FIRST PERIOD: Increase in sleep, increase in hunger, lower abdomen pain, moody, increase in pimples, horny, breasts are sore/or tender, breasts start to grow more, and finally. BLOOD IN PANTIES!

Ta-ta! C:

(I'm a girl who has NOT started her periodscore! -.-)
Davie: Hey babe. *Touches Leslie's boobs*
Leslie: *Grabs his wrist and twists it*.
Davie: WDF??? O_o
Leslie: I'm so so SO sorry, babe. D:
Davie:....Lemme guess. You on yo period? o.o
Leslie: >:O YESSSSS! Shit! Wdf is wrong with it? Huh? Huh? HUH????? :O
Davie: *Backs away very sssssllllllllooooowwwwwwllllllllyyyy*......o_o
by imatrollxD March 05, 2012
The seasonal flow of blood from the female vagina. Also called menstruation. It may give u cramps and things like that.
Girl 1: poor Kate had to sit out a t gym time because she got a cramp
Girl 2: maybe she had her period
by Lizi jones April 17, 2011
You usually use it to end a sentence/statement/command which you don't want to discuss/negotiate further.
When I say "eat your dinner," it means "eat your dinner," period.

She likes you. A lot. Period.
by shriscon March 29, 2015

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