1.Monthly flow of blood in females.
2.THAT'S IT... END ..full stop
3.Speach or Class lecture
1. Aeyo gal You smell shit.. You on your periods?
2. You punk ass bitch I hate you Period.
3. Man I'm tired When is this period gonna end?
by Qaiser December 11, 2006
The time when blood comes out of a woman's vagina. See fine time cherry drippin. The color can be from bright red to dark. It smells like fish sometimes. Most people assume that when you have your period you are not pregnant, but that is not true because you can be pregnant and still have a period. Also, if you have sex on your period you can also get pregnant too. When your period is about to be over, the discharge turns brown, that is an indication of old blood.
i put three pads on my panties for my period. I never use tampons
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
The feeling of a samurai sword cutting into lower abdomen and twisting around into lower spine, constipation and stones smashing brain. Craving chocolate and blankets, due to fever and hormonal imbalances.
"What's wrong Priscilla?"
by myp4ntsrt1ght January 07, 2013
That time of the month when a female looks up into the sky, sees a full moon and turns into a werewolf. The week of the full moon, the woman is expected to seem very agitated and moody. Be warned: prolonged exposure may lead to serious injury or death!
The period of time that, at the sight of the full moon, the woman transforms into a furry beast and destroys all insight.
by Yrac Rotceps May 29, 2011
P - Psychiatric
E - Evaluation
R - Required
I - Insane
O - Occasionally
D - Dangerous
S - Sicko

P - Pre
M - Menstrual
S - Syndrome's
F - Fuckin
L - Lethal

Recurring cycle of physical changes that occurs in reproductive age females.
Take your hands into your own life if you go near a maniac female who’s having her periods. Take my advice and run like fuck at this time of the month

Psychiatric Evaluation Required Insane Occasionally Dangerous Sicko
Pre Menstrual Syndrome’s Fuckin Lethal
Psychiatric evaluation required insane occationally dangerous woman with her monthly periods

Pre menstrual syndrome's fuckin lethal
PMSFL – Pissin My Self Fuckin Laughin
by TERRIFIED MAN February 27, 2008
My best excuse to getting out of Phys Ed.....
Me:Hey Mr.P.E. teacher,can i use the bathroom?

Mr.P.E. teacher:No,now go run your mile

Me:Im on my period Mr.P.E. teacher

Mr.P.E. teacher: Fine go ahead

Me:*skips to the bathroom* lalalalalalalaaa~

((one of the very very very few things i love about myself is that my personality doesn't change at all when i get my period))
by BunnysXoXo August 04, 2011
Makes you regret being a girl. Lasts from three days to a week. You can't swim, have sex, and you can't wear that cute skirt or shorts. Only comes when you aren't pregnant and lasts until menopause. You get pissed off at the slightest things and it feels like Niagara Falls.
Person 1- "SHUT THE HELL UP!"
Person 2- "What did I do?"
Person 1- "Nothing, I just got my period, so no sex, swimming or shorts."
Person 2- "oh. Well at least your not pregnant!"
Person 1- "yea, but I gotta deal with this until menopause."
by Alex Dakota October 14, 2012

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