Man 1: Man my girlfriend just broke a frame, cried about it, hit me when i laughed, chased me outside, locked me out, threw my stuff (half of it broken) out the window, cussed me....
Man 2: sooooo.... she's on her period?
Man 1: Ya....
by Commander Scoob May 28, 2010
Time of the month in which all woman over the age of 12 (depends) become .....

----> EVIL <----
"Dude lets hang at ur house... "

"FUCK NO! not now man... my wife is having her...*whispers* periods..."

"OH SHIT! dang scratch that man... im goin to the bar!! This is why im single!"
by Blu blu bla bla May 31, 2008
Mr. T's middle name
"First name, Mr. Middle name, period. Last name, T."
by gdihtdriurtd March 04, 2009
A monthly dose of bitch
Guy: Hey
by crazylady112 March 04, 2011
Time taken to complete one cycle, this can vary depending on the phenomenon under observation. Symbolised by T.
Dude 1 - Dude, Alex's period continued for a longer period than usual this month.
Dude 2 - How much longer?
Dude 1 - It took 9 days.
Dude2 - That would have sucked donkey balls.
Dude 1 - Surely did.
Dude 2 - Yeah, its a shame she is still a bitch for the period between her period (approximately 1 month)
Dude 1 - Yeah, too true.
by Scuzzbutt August 18, 2010
stuff that ruins ur life some people cant wait to get it... wait u''l hate it later
girl 1- hey im happy
girl2- why??
girl1- i got muh period!!!
girl2- wow... ur gunna hate later
girl1- ahhhhhh
by D-ANA October 27, 2008
1.Monthly flow of blood in females.
2.THAT'S IT... END ..full stop
3.Speach or Class lecture
1. Aeyo gal You smell shit.. You on your periods?
2. You punk ass bitch I hate you Period.
3. Man I'm tired When is this period gonna end?
by Qaiser December 11, 2006
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