The worst time of the month for women. I suggest not holding your girlfriend's hand, cuddling, or getting mooshy with her... she WILL bitch. xO
Guy: i love you, baby.

Guy: you look so beautiful today, honey.


Friend: dont go near her... she has her period...
#hell #bloating #hate #mean #ugh #cramps
by Michellemichelle March 08, 2009
A bloody waste of fucking time.
"I'm not getting any this week, Laura is on her period..."
#period #bloody #waste #fucking #time
by Kemare April 20, 2008

Once a girl reaches puberty, these hormones take over and she starts to have boobs, curves, and becomes more emotional and feminine etc. These hormones also enlarge her hips and uterus. This lining builds up in the uterus and sheds itself every 28 days if she doesn't get knocked up, thus she gets her period.

People tell me, "Well we have periods because we're supposed to have babies!" But even if this were true, I read this study that a woman ovulates 400 eggs in her lifetime. Who could actually have 400 kids? Even in the old days when they had like 12 kids and they only lived to be like 60, a woman would still have more periods and pain than she would kids.

Now it's the 2000s and nobody has 12 kids anymore, some people don't even like or want kids, but we're still stuck with periods and the average age of menarche is declining due to all the calories and stress. As a result, we've suffered too much from periods: we miss school, lose blood, have cramps, waste money buying "feminine hygiene" products, and basically go through a lot more than the guys do.
Periods are flawed.
They were always flawed, even in the ancient days.
Too much blood loss and waste.
#period #pms #blood #female #pads #tampons
by Leyna Nguyen April 11, 2007
worst fucking week that occurs once a month, unless she is prego
Women having their periods is the easiest reson why god is a guy

Basically a living hell

Don't ever ask a women if she is on her period--->BAD IDEA
#hell #shit #fuck #hell week #curse #eve's mistake #why god is a guy
by liberalLadie;) February 18, 2010
A punctuation mark signifying the end of a sentence. Or, the time during a female's menstrual cycle when the unfertilized egg cell along with the freshly shed uterine lining is ejected from the uterus. It's not all blood as most people would think, and this process may take up to a week after the start of the period.
Try to end all of your sentences with a period!

Natasha's period is seemingly late. She's been stressed out dealing with school and all.
#period #menstrual cycle #tampon #egg #pregnant
by TheSpectacularOne April 10, 2009
The single biggest cockblock in the world.
Guy 1:"I couldn't get any from my gf last night, man."
Guy 2:"That blows, why not?"
Guy 1:"She was on her period."
Guy 2:"Bummer brah."
#cockblock #tease #muffblock #twatblock #stupid
by Jonesin' November 01, 2007
A small dot used to signify the end of a sentance. Often neglected by poor typists and gamers.
In that whole post, you only had one period, idiot.
by Hydra August 09, 2003
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