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Form Of Agreement .
Question: You wanna go smoke brodie?

Response: Period.
by The KiDBizz July 14, 2009
1. The dot at the end of a sentence. By the way, periods and commas always go INSIDE quotation marks; semicolons and colons DO NOT. People, please use proper grammar.
She laughed when, on national television, Bush talked about the "internets."
by grammarfreak December 28, 2004
A boyfriends most hated time of the month. Quite possibly more of a pain in the ass than it is for the girl.
Girlfriend: God.... Cramps.....
Boyfriend: ....Period...? (Please god no.)
Girlfriend: Yeah.
by Turdsandwich121 February 16, 2010
That time of the month when you experiment other ways of getting some.
Male 1) Man... my girl had her period said it was locked up. What am I to do?!

Male 2) Put it in her butt.
by D29 May 23, 2008
The punishment that women must endure (rightfully so) for being cunts 93% of the time.
Girl - My life fucking sucks, and to make things even worse, I just started my period!

Guy- Perhaps you should try not being such a cunt all the time. oh, and you have blood all over your pants.
by womensrights90210 July 22, 2011
the worst thing ever
"can we fuck"said mike

"no im on my period"said jessica

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!" mike said
by maggot for life May 09, 2009
An verb or adjective that describes anything gross, dirty, or ugly.
That girls face looks like someone perioded on it.

Dude, look at the period you made on the floor by spilling the beer.
by GuaGua April 15, 2009